Is homebirth safe?


Despite the development of medicine and science in this industry, the number of fans of home births is not decreasing. Although, this practice is a natural occurrence in economically undeveloped countries where doctors cannot provide quality medical services. And the number of doctors in such countries may not be sufficient to serve the citizens of this country.

However, doctors cannot explain the desire of women to give birth at home in those countries where medicine is at a high level. Unfortunately, the desire of a woman does not always lead to safe delivery and can harm not only her health and the child, but also take their life.

Doctors do not find an explanation for this phenomenon and urge women to think about the safety of their life and the life of their children.

As a rule, women want to give birth at home for several reasons.

The first reason is a reluctance to be in the hospital or aversion to the hospital atmosphere. Of course, the home environment is much better, but modern hospitals are equipped to meet the needs of women. The atmosphere in such hospitals is comfortable, and the woman gets a lot of care in these hospitals. Almost all hospitals try to create conditions that resemble a home environment. Also, your loved one can be with you all the time. Many women can take advantage of additional services that can help them relax and give birth easily. Women can choose the position they want to give birth to and which is more comfortable for them.

Another reason for choosing homebirth is a lack of trust in the professionalism of medical personnel. Homebirth advocates argue that doctors can harm the health and life of the baby. Also, they sure that doctors use methods that disrupt the process of birth. Sometimes the absurdity of facts homebirth advocates are shocking, yet many women believe them.

Sometimes a woman can give birth at home by accident, for example, because she did not have time to get to the hospital. As sociological studies show, most women who have given birth at home at least once do not want to repeat this experience.

All doctors urge women not to risk their lives and to give birth in the conditions intended for this. The main reason doctors have a negative attitude towards childbirth at home is the increased danger. Sometimes the process of childbirth may not go as planned, and if there is no special medical equipment nearby and a doctor, the birth can have a sad outcome. Even if you do not have any health problems during pregnancy, unforeseen complications may occur during childbirth, such as heavy bleeding, kidney or heart failure, and so on.

A home birth puts not only the woman at risk but also her baby. According to the results of sociological studies, children who were born at home are at a greater risk of death in the first month of their life.

Doctors are confident that the tragic outcome of home births could have been ruled out if women gave birth in specialized institutions under the supervision of professionals.

If you only want to give birth at home and are not considering another option, then you should take all precautions. You can give birth at home, but only under medical supervision. But this does not guarantee you 100% security, too. Fortunately, the US government takes care of women who want to give birth at home.

There is an instruction that permits the urgent transfer of a woman to the hospital from the conditions of homebirth if the person who is delivering at home sees the first signs of risk to the life of the woman or child. But, such an instruction cannot save your life if the obstetrician does not see the problem or calls an ambulance too late.

Of course, there are countries where women prefer to give birth at home. But before you follow their example, you should know that they give birth in the presence of a professional obstetrician. Moreover, not every woman can give birth at home. If you have some chronic medical conditions, you should give up the idea of home birth. Choosing the type of birth is just your decision, and you are responsible for the outcome of the home birth. Take care of yourself and your child. Consider your decision based on the facts.

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