Kickboxing for amazing body shape.


Do you love intense workouts that make you sweat? So, we can recommend kickboxing that will make your heart beat faster. The combination of jumps and kicks helps burn calories and loads muscles in a way that no other workout can do.

Kickboxing training is best done with a partner. You can go to the gym and find a sparring partner, or invite your friend to kickboxing together.

Also, kickboxing is a type of training that you can do in the park because it does not require additional equipment; comfortable clothes and sneakers are enough for you to train.

Preparation for training is the foundation of good and safe kickboxing training. Therefore, do not skip this step if you want to protect your body from injury. Your warm-up should include movement to all muscle groups of the arm, core, and legs. When your muscles are warm and plastic you have less chance of damaging your ligaments and joints.

For beginner kickboxers, the first important task is to learn how to perform the movements correctly. When learning specific strokes and combinations, pay attention to the plasticity of the movements, their organic nature. After each workout, your movements will acquire more and more flexibility and strength. If you find that the movements are difficult and you do not control their strength, then you need more time to learn the technique of movements. Do not hurry. This stage is very important and the success of your further training depends on it.

While learning the techniques of striking with hands and legs, you must master the skill of using the principle of the wave, when the striking limb becomes a conductor of force generated in the legs, back muscles, and shoulder girdle. Such a blow turns out to be very strong and biting.

More and more people around the world have become interested in this sport because the benefits of such training are obvious.

  • The workout combines strength training with cardio workouts to help engage all the muscles in the body and increase blood circulation. Therefore, kickboxing has become popular among those who want not only to get rid of extra pounds but also to form beautiful muscles.
  • During kickboxing, your back muscles are strengthened, which helps to improve your posture and strengthen your abs.
  • By hitting the muscles in your legs and buttocks, they work intensely, so this workout helps to improve the shape of your body.
  • The intense work of muscle fibers, joints, and ligaments during exercise reduces the risk of injury.
    Kickboxing improves blood circulation and respiratory function.
  • Exercise helps improve coordination.
  • Kickboxing is beneficial for women who want to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Kickboxing develops physical strength, determination, and endurance.
  • High-intensity training can help release aggression, irritability, and anger.

But despite the benefits of kickboxing for your body and mind, you must pay attention to your health condition and consider the contraindications for kickboxing. You must understand that during kickboxing, you use intense movements with your arms and legs, which can lead to severe stress on your joints.

So, contraindications for kickboxing:

  • problems with joints, spine;
  • disruption of the cardiovascular system;
  • pregnancy, lactation period;
  • severe obesity.

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