The difference in sexual temperaments in a couple: what to do?


Even if you have a strong mental relationship with your partner, you can face sexual problems due to different sexual temperaments. If you or your partner constantly find reasons why sex is not the best idea at the moment, it means that you have a problem that needs to be solved.The nature of each person is individual, including the sexual temperament.

Ideal sexual relationships over the years are rare. Every couple faces challenges. But, if you learn to solve them, you should not be afraid of break up with your loved one.
Very often, one of the partners wants to have sex several times a week, while the other only need it once a week or a month.

Libido is independent of gender and age. But, sometimes, health problems can negatively affect the desire to have sex. Therefore, you need to visit a doctor to make sure that low libido is not the result of a serious illness.

Sometimes a partner who has a low libido forces the other to control his desire and not show it too passionately.

Consequences of different temperaments of partners:
Dissatisfaction. If one of the partners does not get what he needs, this leads to relationship problems and separation.

Resentment and decreased self-esteem.
The partner may take denial of intimacy as hurt and feel that he is not good enough for the relationship. This can lead to emotional problems.

Disappointment. Sex is one of the important aspects of living together. If one of the partners is not getting physical satisfaction, he may become frustrated with the partner and their relationship.

Sexologists are sure that both partners should be willing to solve the problem of lack of temperament. As a rule, a partner with a high libido is more interested in solving the problem than a partner with a low one. The main task of the second partner is to understand the desire of his beloved. If he or she ignores this problem, the partner will begin to seek satisfaction outside of their mate.

Also, sexologists are sure that too much difference in temperaments cannot be eliminated. But if the difference is small, sexologists can advise some tricks that will balance the desire of both partners.
In each specific case, you need to individually approach the solution of the problem. But if the divergence of temperaments is small, then in the presence of mutual respect, it is not difficult to come to a harmonious relationship.

High libido decreases after vigorous physical activity. Therefore, a partner who has a higher libido can engage in an active sport that takes away strength and energy from him.
Sexologists advise using various additional means to stimulate desire in a partner. For example, lubricants, foreplay with sex toys, and so on.

Sexologists urge you not to panic if you have too high or low libido. If this is not a consequence of a disease, then this is the norm with which you can learn to live happily and harmoniously.

Ways to harmonize intimate relationships.

Plan sex.
Many of you think that scheduled sex is boring. But, this method will help a partner with a low level of libido prepare for sex, and a partner who has a high level of libido will be able to use ways to reduce libido on those days when sex is not planned.

Find the optimal amount of sex per week.
You can discuss with your partner the amount of sex time that is comfortable for both of you.

Excite each other.
This can be watching erotic films, reading relevant stories aloud, or role-playing games. You can use a variety of ways to help awaken the passion.

Eliminate stress.
Modern people live in constant stress, which affects your intimate life. If you notice that your sexual desire has decreased, you need to pay attention to your emotional state. Use a variety of relaxation techniques as meditation, sports, yoga, dancing, and so on. Also, you shouldn’t think of sex as an additional source of stress. Enjoy your partner’s touch.

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