You can have own garden even on the balcony.


The lockdown made people change their usual way of life. People have discovered many activities for themselves that used to be just a dream. And not only sports and proper nutrition are of interest to people now. With the advent of spring, many people became interested in gardening. Even small balconies turn into beds with vegetables. People do not want to go to the store for vegetables and prefer to have organic products at home that they have grown themselves. In this way, they provide themselves with healthy foods and reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus in the store.

Having own garden is a pretty difficult task for residents of apartments in large cities. But if you have a balcony or patio then this problem can be solved easily.

According to Dmitry Gatanas, manager of the city garden center, they broke their record for selling seeds, vegetables, and seedlings in an online store.
The Gatanas Center also gives a lot of advice on how to grow vegetables. People who have never been involved in gardening before are carried away by this knowledge and need in support. Ganatas believes that gardening is a form of psychological self-help for most people. Caring for the garden distracts them from sad thoughts and reduces stress levels.

Jo Anne Trig, the owner of the Two Dog Organic Nursery in Los Angeles, agrees that people are tired of the stress, and they are looking for ways to free themselves. Watching the growth of the plants that they planted, people calm down, and they have a sense of involvement in life. This center doubled its sales, too.

We offer you some tips to help you avoid some mistakes if you are a beginner gardener.

Soil selection.
Trigo claims that this soil is the most important element for the successful cultivation of many plants. Do not try to save your money and do not buy cheap soil that will ruin all your efforts. Pay attention to organically clean and high-quality soil that can give your plants the support they need.

Each plant requires a different amount of light. Therefore, when planning your garden, consider this feature.

Water is an important element for the life of not only people but also it is very important for plants. Many beginning gardeners make a mistake, and they give too much water, and plants begin to rot. You can use special containers with water tanks to avoid this.

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