Lack of sex: influence on health.


The topic of sex is still one of the most taboo in modern society, despite the development of the educational system in this area. The amount of myth about sex does not allow people to relax and enjoy life. One such myth is the health risks of lack of sex. Many modern people believe that its absence leads to the development of various pathologies of both physical and mental health. Scientists have been studying the topic of sex and its effects on human health for several decades, and they can confidently say that it brings many health benefits, but this does not mean that its absence violates your health.

Ask yourself  – why are you having sex? Many of you will answer that using this way you feel close to your partner, some of you get rid of stress, loneliness, or get physical pleasure. But if you think well, then you can achieve a solution to your problems without sex. Can intimacy with your partner be developed only through sex? Of course, you can. Also, you can relieve stress in other ways, such as sports, meditation, or dancing. Therefore, if you do not have sex for any reason, then this is not a reason to think that your health will collapse.

The frequency of sexual contacts in the life of each person changes over time and depends on age, desire, and relationship status. American scientists conducted a study in which they found that non-sex Americans were as happy as sexually active. The study involved about 18 thousand Americans of different age of which 15.2% of men and 26.7% of women did not have sex during the previous year, and 8.7% of men and 17.5% of women did not have sex for five years and more.
But despite it, their physical and mental state did not differ from the average of the group.

Therefore, scientists have found that prolonged lack of sex does not lead to any noticeable health problems. Although, they argue that regular sex brings tremendous health benefits such as increased immunity, normalization of blood pressure, reduced stress and anxiety levels, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, and so on. But to achieve this result, you can use other methods. Sex is just the easiest and most affordable way for most people.

Lack of sex, and in particular ejaculation, does not threaten your health and life. However, it is your nature, and the lack of ejaculation in men can cause the development of diseases of the genitourinary system. But to achieve ejaculation, you can use another available method for it.

The benefits of sex for women are significant because regular orgasm helps keep the pelvic floor muscles in good shape. Weak pelvic floor muscles contribute to urinary retention, which poisons the life of women in love with age. Nevertheless, a woman can reach orgasm both with a partner and through masturbation, too.

Scientists are sure that the lack of sex in a woman’s life cannot be the reason for the development of any gynecological disease. If this were true, doctors would recommend that their patients have sex instead of medical treatment. Therefore, the number of sexual acts in a person’s life should be his/her deliberate decision and not an idea imposed by society that sex cures all diseases.

A more difficult situation is when you want sex, but for various physical or mental reasons, you cannot have it. It can lead to a psychological disorder, but it will not cause you to develop cancer or other diseases of the reproductive system.

Lack of sex can disrupt your quality of life if you need it, but a lack of sex does not have a direct negative impact on human health.

Thus, sex is an integral part of your life, but if you do not have it in your life, then this is not a reason to panic. You can get the same benefits that sex has using other ways. Your sexuality is unique, and your libido level depends on many factors. Your choice is correct, and if you feel good without sex, then no one has the right to condemn you.

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