Some ways to deal with feelings of loneliness.


You have probably felt lonely at least once in your life. Psychologists are sure that many people experience this feeling from time to time, but not all of them know how to cope with it.

Loneliness is a negative emotion, and many people try to drown it out in order not to feel it. Although, experts say that every emotion is important for mental health. People, who seek to experience only positive emotions and deny negative ones, have mental problems. If you are faced with negative emotions, you must accept them and go through them using right way.

Feelings of loneliness come on suddenly and disrupt your mental comfort. If you have been experiencing negative emotions for too long and do not know how to get out of this state, you should see a psychologist.
Psychologists say loneliness can be temporary. As a rule, it occurs as a result of some event, for example, the end of a relationship, the move of a loved one, and so on. In this case, after a while, the person gets used to the new environment and overcomes the feeling of loneliness.

Existential loneliness occurs during the experience of age-related crises. People begin to analyze their lives during this period and may be unhappy with the results. As a rule, this period lasts several months, and the person creates new plans and dreams. As a result, he/she has a meaning in life, and the feeling of loneliness disappears.

Chronic loneliness has been present in your life for many years. You have learned to live with him, but your emotional state is at a low level. As a rule, people with low self-esteem, shy and uncommunicative natures have chronic loneliness. It is often associated with traumatic childhood experiences.

Ways to deal with feelings of loneliness:

  • boost your confidence,
  • expand your social circle,
  • share your feelings with loved ones,
  • get out of your comfort zone,
  • make time for your hobbies,
  • help other people.

Many of you think that loneliness is a consequence of social isolation and lack of communication with other people. Even the most outgoing people can feel lonely. Loneliness among people is a common problem in the modern world. People feel lonely even when surrounded by friends and family.

They may look cheerful, but loneliness lives inside them, and they are very unhappy at this moment. Some people are afraid to show their true feelings because they are afraid of being misunderstood. People are afraid to trust others, which leads to a sense of loneliness.

You may experience feelings of loneliness at any time in your life. You shouldn’t be afraid of this feeling. Perhaps this is a chance to analyze your life and understand what caused it. Finding out the reason can help you find a solution. You may need to be more open to your friends and loved ones. If you want to be alone, tell your loved ones honestly. It doesn’t harm your relationship. You can talk about your different states when you are ready for this conversation. Such conversations help to get closer to each other and go through difficult stages of life.

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