Lipofilling is a way to improve the shape of your breasts.


Plastic surgeons offer several ways to improve the shape of the breast, and one of them is lipofilling.

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the world. But many women are afraid to insert implants. So they are aware of the multiple negative consequences of this operation.
Although, modern technologies allow the use of high-quality implants. Breast lipofilling is a safer procedure but it is surrounded by many myths.
This surgical technique is gaining popularity because it uses fat instead of a foreign body. The risk of rejection is minimal in this operation. Adipose tissue is taken from the places in your body where more fat is stored. Typically, this is the belly, thighs, or buttocks. Women who are too thin can face the problem of lack of fat.
Even though doctors have recently started using fat for breast augmentation, this method is effective.
Benefits of breast lipofilling.
Unlike implants, the insertion of fat cells does not require incisions. Fat is introduced using injections. After half a year, the puncture sites disappear, and after using the implants, a scar remains.
Also, lipofilling does not take much time for the operation itself and the rehabilitation period. There is no need to stay in the hospital for several days.
The most important advantage of lipofilling is the absence of rejection of fat cells. Thus, patients are confident about the result of the operation and can have fewer negative consequences.

Disadvantages of lipofilling.
Unfortunately, not everyone can use this type of breast correction. Too thin people who do not have enough fat cells cannot provide the necessary material. Donor fat is not used. Therefore, you need to have enough fat to use this method.
During one operation, the doctor can inject no more than 200 grams of fat into each breast. At the same time, only 70% of the fat is engrafted. Therefore, you will need several procedures to enlarge your breasts by one size.

Breast lipofilling will not help you if you want to enlarge your breasts in several sizes. This procedure is recommended for:

  • correction of defects,
  • asymmetry,
  • masking the boundaries of implants,
  • breast lift.

Lipofilling is an operation that contains risks, like any other surgical intervention, therefore, you should be confident in the qualifications of the doctor and his professionalism. Unfortunately, this procedure is an interference with your body, which can have negative consequences. If the doctor cleans your fat cells poorly, then they will not take root. Too much fat in one area provokes clots.
A professional doctor distributes the fat cells evenly in both breasts so that there are no unwanted complications. Otherwise, you will end up with asymmetric breasts, which will ruin your appearance.
Some women refuse this type of breast correction because they believe that fat will disappear from the breast after a few months. Doctors assure that this is a myth, and fat stays in place if you do not lose weight. Unfortunately, breasts are made up of fat and lose their volume as you lose weight. Therefore, you should keep your weight in the normal range and do special exercises for the pectoralis muscle, which prevents the breasts from dropping.

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