Lymphatic drainage workout is an opportunity to get rid of puffiness.


An unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle lead to a host of problems including puffiness. The tendency to edema is an aesthetic problem that can bring discomfort not only to your physical health but also to your mental one. Due to edema, the face and body become heavy, loose, and the skin becomes flabby, even in the absence of excess weight. Many of you may perceive excess water in your body as being overweight. Sometimes puffiness can occur due to disorders of the lymphatic drainage system. Slowing down the lymphatic system leads to the accumulation of fluids, toxic substances in your body, you can help your lymphatic system to work faster and get better at its task.

The best way to speed up lymph is physical activity. However, heavyweight training cannot help speed up the lymphatic system. Only safe and effective exercise can benefit you and not worsen your condition. Therefore, take care of your health and use only safe methods to solve any problem.
As a rule, stagnant lymph leads to additional stress on all systems and organs of your body. If you don’t take any action to remedy the situation, toxic substances can build up in your body. Long-term neglect of the problem can lead to the intoxication of your body. The lymphatic system does not cope with its main function – cleansing. Violation of the lymphatic system leads to fluid retention in organs, tissues, and subcutaneous fat of the face and body.

Physical activity affects your muscles, which act as a pump not only for blood but also for lymphatic fluid.
You can continue to train in your usual mode and use your favorite type of workout adding special lymphatic drainage exercises to the main training. The best time to do these exercises is in the morning, but if you don’t have time in the morning, do them at any time.

These exercises are very simple and do not require any special physical form. Despite their simplicity, they have an amazing effect on your lymphatic system. Such exercises are especially useful for people who suffer from puffiness of the face and body. But, if you do not have such a problem, you can use them to prevent lymph congestion.
Pay attention to your face. If you often notice edema on it, it means that your lymphatic system is not working properly.

Before you start performing lymphatic drainage exercises, make sure that you do not have dermatological diseases, inflammation of the facial nerves, thrombophlebitis, diseases of the lymphatic system, cerebrovascular accidents, joint problems, neuropathy, and severe hypertension .

After you get rid of these problems or the acute period of the disease has passed, you can begin to perform these exercises.

Lymphatic drainage exercises:

Stand up, relax and start shaking your arms, legs, and whole body. Shake your body for 2-3 minutes.

Take the starting position as in the previous exercise. Then get up on your toes, pause for a moment, then lower yourself rolling onto your heels. You should perform the exercise for 20-30 seconds.

Rotation by feet.
You can do this exercise while standing or sitting. Rotate the foot of one leg to one side and then to the other. After doing the exercise with one foot, than do it with other one.

After exercising with the feet, perform rotations with your knees and then with your forearms.
After completing all the exercises, clap your entire body with your palms, starting from your feet and ending with your head. The claps should be moderate and not painful.

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