The benefits of a high-protein diet: myth or reality.


Many experts and fitness trainers recommend increasing your protein intake if you want to lose weight. Typically, you should consume about 1 gram of protein per kilogram of your weight. If you are actively involved in sports, then the portion of protein increases.

At the same time, high consumption does not always bring the desired result. Some studies have different results that contradict each other.

One study found that for people who have increased stress or uses intense strength training, increased protein intake has a positive effect on lean body mass. Thus, the experts concluded that moderate protein intake has a positive effect on muscle growth under certain conditions.

But statistics show that many people pass on protein. Scientists have analyzed their way of life, and they are sure that such an amount of protein does not bring any benefit to humans.

The modern food industry is conducting an active advertising campaign that encourages people to consume protein in the form of various supplements. At the same time, no advertising says that such nutrition is necessary only for professional athletes and bodybuilders. If you balance your diet, you will get enough protein without synthetic additives.

Some people who want to lose weight, reduce the amount of food to reduce the calorie intake. Such mistake leads to a deficiency of all essential nutrients, including protein. If your goal is to get leaner, you should eat the recommended protein intake or slightly increase your protein intake. An increase in protein intake requires additional strength training. 20-30 minutes a day is a sufficient amount of time for the optimal load on your muscles. Moderate strength training helps your muscles grow and improves metabolic processes in your body.

On the other hand, one study showed that a high-protein diet does not help build muscle mass. Scientists have concluded that eating a moderate amount of protein gives better results than a large amount.

Therefore, if you want to benefit from protein, eat it in sufficient quantity, and do not try to increase it with synthetic supplements.

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