Meditation for athletes is a perfect way to increase their activity.


Work in the gym requires attention and concentration. But after a stressful day, people continue to think about the problems of their daily lives and do exercises automatically, without paying the necessary attention to details. The brain continues to solve complex working problems and is engaged in an internal dispute with the boss. Even though your training takes a lot of strength and energy, the brain does not stop working hard. If you recognize yourself in this description, there is one way to solve your situation, it is meditation.

Many professional athletes devote time to meditation, especially in preparation for difficult competitions. According to Corey Phelps, a trainer from Washington, he often uses meditation as one of the basic skills of training athletes. He claims that meditation helped athletes as Phil Jackson, Pete Carroll, Carly Lloyd, Alex Morgan, Kristen Press, and Kelly O’Hara achieve success.

Scientists have done a lot of research on the effect of meditation on a person’s level of success. Their results suggest that regular meditation enhances efficiency and concentration. Some studies have been done in the field of sports and the effects of meditation on athletes have been studied. In Norway, young athletes meditated for 12 weeks every day. Eventually, their concentration and efficiency improved significantly, and this led to improved results. Football players from the University of Miami were invited to meditate every day for 12 minutes. Their practice lasted a month and at the end of the experiment, it turned out that their concentration level increased. Scientists say, athletes, who use meditation, show better results during the competition, as well as their level of anxiety before the competition is much lower than that of athletes who do not meditate.

Meditation for athletes is a way to increase their activity. Thanks to meditation, they can focus on the training process and feel every muscle in their body. This allows them to assess their capabilities and not quit training when the brain says that the body is tired and needs to rest.

Nike’s New York trainer Ariel Foxy constantly uses meditation while working with his athletes. He says that only meditation helps athletes tune in to the right wave, and get rid of stress after hard training. Meditations help athletes to be in an emotionally healthy state, and they can give more during training without stress for the body. Meditation and breathing practices are the main part of pre-workout training, after meditation, you can warming up the body with cardio exercises, and then do the main training for developing strength and endurance.

We can talk a lot about the benefits of meditation, but you will not know all its benefits until you try it yourself. Regardless of whether you workout at home or in the gym, pay attention to meditation for 10-15 minutes before training. To do this, you just need to find a quiet and peaceful place, put on headphones, you can turn on the music to relax and start practicing. Start with a simple technique for breathing: 3 seconds, take a breath, then hold your breath for 3 seconds, then exhale for 3 seconds and hold your breath for 3 seconds. Another way of meditation: take a meditation posture that is comfortable for you (lotus, baby pose), and breathe slowly. Make your breaths even and deep. Such simple techniques will help you develop a level of concentration, and you can feel your body more clearly and respond to its needs.

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