New research: milk affects your body


To drink or not to drink milk? That is the question. Many types of research about the effects of milk on human health have been done around the world, which has conflicting results. People are divided into two camps. One of them completely excluded whole milk from their diet, while others cannot imagine life without it. Nevertheless, a recent study showed that high-fat milk has a bad effect on the human body. It turns out that fat in milk accelerates the aging of the body, so if you cannot completely refuse milk, try to drink it with a lower percentage of fat content.

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At a press conference, Larry Tucker said his team was surprised at the results of their research. He argued that the difference between those who drink milk and those who do not drink colossal. Therefore, he advises refraining from consuming milk with high-fat content if you want to prolong your youth and not harm your health.

During the study, scientists tested the health status of about 6,000 adult Americans. Scientists asked them to answer some questions, the results of this survey revealed that most of them consume milk daily; a quarter of respondents drank milk once a week. Also in this group were people who preferred a low-fat fiber. In addition, such performance as age, activity level, bad habits, and nutrition and general lifestyle were taken into account to achieve objective results.

The main goal of this research was to study the effect of milk on the aging process. Throughout the research, scientists observed telomeres, which are located at the ends of human chromosomes and protect it. With age, our telomeres contract and signs of aging appear. This is a natural process in the human body. However, studies have shown that diet and lifestyle also effect on reduction of telomeres. For example, some scientists say that consuming enough fiber has a positive effect on telomeres, which prolongs your body’s youth.

In a study led by Tucker, it was found that milk fat has a great effect on telomere and, unfortunately, is not positive. It leads to a shortening of the telomere, which shortens life by about four years.

Studies have also shown that for those who completely abandoned milk, telomeres were also shorter than those who drank milk with low-fat content. Therefore, the professor does not recommend completely abandoning the consumption of milk, just pay attention to its fat content and do not drink very often.

Tucker noted that their research did not study causal relationships, so he suggested that maybe not milk but saturated fats that are in it so affect telomeres.

However, studies have shown that it is better to drink low-fat milk, as nutritionists recommend.

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