Ujjayi breath: recover energy efficiently.


Yoga offers you many ways to keep your body and mind healthy. Its philosophy aims to create harmony in all areas of your life. One of the most effective ways to improve your quality of life is pranayama. It is a breathing practice that helps to control and increase vital energy. Performing asanas without using correct breathing do not bring you effective results.

If you want to relax your muscles and mind, you should practice ujjayi breathing, which is a fundamental exercise.

Ujjayi breathing is an inhalation-exhalation technique that allows you to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, reduce stress levels, and activate internal metabolic processes. This breathing technique has miraculous effects on all areas of your life.

Ujjayi technique.
As you practice the breathing technique, you should focus your attention on the breath. Both inhalation and exhalation are performed with the mouth closed. In doing so, you narrow the throat gap. If you make noise while breathing, it means that you are doing the ujjayi correctly.

The ujjayi technique is not difficult but requires regular practice.

Influence of Ujjayi on your condition.
Reduces stress levels.
When you squeeze the glottis, the cords assume the same position as when you whisper. At this point, your brain perceives it as a series of rhythmic sounds of the same key, which has a calming effect on it. Also, slow breathing in one rhythm affects and helps to relax.
Saturates with oxygen.
Deep breathing allows your lungs to take in more oxygen and distribute it to all the cells in your body.
Cleanses the body.
Slow breathing is warmer, which allows your body to warm up and flush out all toxins and waste products in sweat. Therefore, ujjayi helps you to get rid of harmful substances in your body.

People who practice yoga use this practice regularly. If you do not want to practice yoga, you can use this breathing practice at your convenience. For example, after waking up, playing sports, before going to bed, or any other convenient time for you. You do not need to be an experienced yogi to benefit from breathing practice. In addition, while doing ujjayi, you focus your attention on the breath, which allows you to immerse yourself in a meditative state.

If you prefer to do aerobic training, you can use this practice to recuperate. Ujjayi allows you to lower your heart rate by about 10-20 beats, thereby reducing wear and tear on the body and adding efficiency to your workouts.

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