Prohibited conversation topics on a first date.


The first date is quite an exciting event in the life of every person. You prepare for it, think about what to wear, imagine the details of your date and hope that this meeting will be happy for you. Each of your dreams of a perfect date, but not everyone knows that the topic of your conversation can change the course of events. If you want your new fan to get good emotions out of communicating with you, you should avoid discussing certain topics.

Your political and religious views.
Discussing politics and religion may seem too serious a topic for your fan. It is better to discuss such topics with people whom you know well and are sure that the difference in your opinions will not affect your relationship. It may turn out that your admirer does not share your views on politics and religion, and this can lead to conflict. You can tell about your religious views and politics but as a fact. You should not ask his / her opinion about this and do not impose your beliefs on him/her.

Financial condition.
The first date is not suitable for inquiring about the amount of salary, bank account, and financial status. Also, do not share information about your financial condition with a stranger or complain that your finances are in dire condition. The topic of money is not romantic, and your complaints will show you the worst.

Ex-partners and relations with them.
Unless you plan to make your date the most boring one, you shouldn’t talk about your past relationships and dive into memories. Past relationships are a thing of the past and if you constantly think about them, then it’s too early for you to go on new dates. You must free yourself from the burden of the past. Your potential partner wants to be the center of your attention on this date, and if you constantly talk about someone else, then this date will be the last with him/her.

The topic of sex is very important to a strong relationship, but you should discuss it with your regular partner with whom you have a serious relationship. If you start talking about your sexual preferences or complexes, your partner may misunderstand you. Such frankness can shock your fan.

Health problems.
A date is not a doctor’s appointment. Health complaints cause unpleasant emotions in your fan and he/she will get bored after a few minutes of your conversation. You should only discuss health with your doctor.

Your family’s problems.
Don’t shock your fan with your family secrets. Talking about conflicts can indicate that you are prone to them and that your whole life is spent in family problems. Nobody wants to associate their life with a person who is constantly sorting out relations with relatives. Show your best qualities to your potential partner, he will learn about your shortcomings over time and gradually. He/she wants to see a cheerful and kind person with whom it is pleasant to talk.

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