Would you risk ski running right under the tram?


In order to see all the danger of this ski run, it is not necessary to experience it on yourself. It is enough to listen to the story of one of the skiers, who more than once tried their luck in Great Scott. When he first started skiing on this ski run, he fell. At first sight, it is nothing special, but at that moment the blue tram “Snow Bird”, crowded with people, was moving above his head. And all these people were witnesses as 8 more experienced skiers fell behind him.

Картинки по запросу Great Scott ski run

Great Scott has the coolest and longest ski run. To get to it you need to climb the 11,000-foot peak of the Hidden Snowbird Peak. If this is too dangerous for you, then give preference to the Hollywood lines as Corbet or the Fingers at Squaw. Great Scott requires experience and courage. That line is for people who really want to ride, not show themselves.

If you value your life, you must maintain balance and not fall. There are many sharp turns and cliffs. There are a lot of sharp turns and rocks, a fall from which can end sadly.

Картинки по запросу Great Scott ski run

You can see such a fall in the film “Better Off Dead” when the main character chases a girlfriend. (She shows how to go down from this slope properly). Remember, your goal is to save your life, not to demonstrate his abilities.

Thanks to its location, Great Scott has remained the pearl of the Snow Bird for many years. Not everyone can appreciate its benefits, but the true ski enthusiasts know that behind its mesmerizing landscapes there is a danger that beckons like a magnet.

When deciding to try to conquer this slope, always think about security. Get down calmly and enjoy every minute spent on this ski run.

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