Rio de Janeiro Carnival has been postponed indefinitely.


Unfortunately, the forecasts of scientists and the World Health Organization are coming true, and the COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to intensify around the world. People are tired of lockdown and start to organize protests against the quarantine restrictions. People’s lives have changed dramatically, and many of them are not ready for such changes psychologically. To date, more than 44 million cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in the world. In the last few days, a record number of cases have been recorded per day. In recent days, the number of cases of COVID-19 is over 500 thousand.

The leading countries for fixed new cases are the United States, India, and France.

According to WHO, over the entire existence of the pandemic in the United States, 8,763,682 cases of COVID-19 infection have been confirmed. In second place is India with more than 8 million cases, and Brazil is third with about five and a half million cases of COVID-19.

Despite the intensive work of scientists around the world on the development of a vaccine against COVID-19, no one can give an approximate date when the vaccine will be available for free access. Today, many countries are announcing the final phase of testing the vaccine in humans, but none have provided definitive test results. Therefore, WHO cannot say when the situation in the world will begin to improve and calls on the leaders of all countries to do everything possible to save the lives of their citizens.

In connection with disappointing forecasts, the Brazilian authorities announced a decision to postpone the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

It was supposed to be held in February 2021. A new date has been set as no one knows how the situation with the pandemic will develop next year. Therefore, the independent league of samba schools in Rio de Janeiro decided that people’s lives are more important than traditions. Moreover, as stated in their statement,  Rio Carnival is not canceled, but just postponed to other dates.

The decision taken will affect many areas of life in Brazilian society. Rio Carnival is the most anticipated event for Brazilians, which reflects their cultural traditions, allows them to get a charge of positive energy in their difficult life. Nevertheless, the cancellation of Rio Carnival will affect not only the cultural industry of the country but will also hit the economy. Many mid-sized businesses will suffer heavy financial losses due to its cancellation.

The main blow falls on the labor market. Due to the cancellation of the carnival, many people will lose their jobs. A large percentage of Brazilians are waiting for this Rio Carnival to earn money to help them live for the next year. Many special the kind of jobs are created for tailoring costumes and preparing platforms to prepare Rio Carnival. Thus, many engineers, sculptors, designers, seamstresses, artists, and ordinary workers will be left without income. Also, during Rio Carnival, merchants of souvenirs and food products make a lot of profit. The decline in citizens’ income is reflected in the economy of the entire country.

Therefore, all Brazilians hope that Rio Carnival will take place in 2021. They wait for a decision on the appointment of a date for the brightest Carnival in Brazil.

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