Use meditation to reduce stress.


Meditation is a quite simple way to reduce stress, pain, or relieve anxiety. But, sometimes the process of meditation makes us nervous because we do not know how to immerse ourselves in a meditative state. Therefore, many are afraid to use meditation as a tool to calm their nervous system. Do not push away this method just because of non-acquaintance. A study at Michigan Tech University proved that just one meditation session can help calm your mind and bring your body and nervous system into a relaxed state.

The study involved 14 men and women. All of them had a high level of anxiety. Scientists have studied their state of health, focusing on indicators that affect the cardiovascular system. Then the participants meditated for an hour. After meditation, the scientists measured all the indicators again. That meditation was simple because the participants only focused on their breathing.

As a result, it turned out that the level of anxiety decreased in all participants. Also, the pressure in the arteries decreased, which positively affected the work of all internal organs. Thus, after meditation, the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease decreased.

Participants who continued to use the technique of mindfulness showed better results. Their level of anxiety has fallen, and psychological and physical indicators of health have improved. Based on these data, scientists argue that even one meditation session can help a person cope with health problems.

They especially recommend using meditation to prevent cardiovascular disease. If you sleep poorly, worry, then do not forget about meditation.
The American Association of Anxiety and Depression has provided data, which says that about 18 percent of the US adult population is depressed and anxious. This is a high number, which is growing every year.

The cause of anxiety can be hard work or emotional stress. It is important to identify the cause of the alarm to eliminate the source. But, it is also necessary to remember that chronic anxiety causes heart attacks, high area pressure, and even illness of various organs of the body.

If you care about yourself, then you should meditate. It is not necessary to sit an hour in meditation practice. You can start from 10 to 15 minutes a day, but do the practice regularly.

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