Rules of workout in the summer heat.


The heat came together with the beautiful sunshine and the number of people wishing to train significantly increased.

The summer provokes an increase in activity, and outdoor training becomes the most popular kind of sport. Also, many of us love walking in the warm sun, picnicking, and barbecue with friends.

But there is a flip side to summer weather. Heat makes training more difficult. Humid and hot air makes breathing difficult, blood circulation slows down, and pulse and sweating become more frequent. You quickly get tired and can not train for a long time, so the effectiveness of training is significantly reduced. These factors give an increased load on your body and can harm your health.

The best type of training in the summer heat is swimming. Cool water allows you to maintain optimal body temperature, and the chance of harming your health is greatly reduced. But not everyone has such an opportunity. Therefore, trainers and doctors recommend to everyone who wants to continue to train in the usual way follow several rules. These rules will help you train efficiently without harming your health. First of all, you must remember that to enjoy a workout even in the summer heat is the main rule.

Watch your condition.
Try to use workouts that work for you and do not overload your body. The heat gives an additional load, so you can feel bad if you do not take this factor into account. Reduce your workout intensity if you feel that your condition has worsened. Take breaks between exercises to keep your body cool.

Exercise in the morning or evening.
The air temperature in the morning is much cooler than at sunset. But if your morning is too busy then move the workout too late in the evening, when the heat drops. Avoid training during peak heat.

Choose the right clothes for your workouts.
Loose and light clothing are suitable for summer training because it allows sweat to evaporate so that you do not overheat. Choose to clothing made from natural materials that absorb sweat and allow air to circulate. On a hot sunny day, don’t forget to wear a comfortable cap.

Drink water.
The amount of water you drink should increase in summer, even if you are not doing anything. Water protects your body from dehydration and prevents overheating. Water should become your constant companion during the workout. You should drink water before, during, and after your workout.

Choose shaded areas to practice.
If there is a park or garden near your house, then this is the best place for outdoor training in the heat. Trees create shade and protect from sunlight.

Use sunscreen.
The sun’s rays adversely affect the skin all year round, but their negative impact is amplified several times in the summer. Therefore, if you plan to do the outdoor workout, do not forget to apply a cream or spray with SPF.

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