Sexual addiction: what is it?


Sexual relationships are one of the main aspects of a person’s quality of life. It affects various areas of life, and various disorders in this area of life entail many problems of both physical and mental health.

Sexual disorders can occur in people of different ages and social levels. One of the pervasive sexual frustrations in modern society is sexual addiction.

The desire for sex and the inability to control it leads to mental stress. If you are one of those who have encountered this problem, then you know how an uncontrolled desire for intimate relationships destroys social ties and prevents you from building your life. Often, problems with sexual addiction cause problems at work. A person who has uncontrolled sexual behavior, masturbating at work, or constantly watching porn sites can not perform their duties efficiently.

Some psychologists and sexologists claim that sexual addiction is a non-existent disease. But, research in the field of sexual relations and psychology shows that some people cannot control their desires and their thoughts are constantly focused on sex.

Scientists who do not consider sex addiction to be a psychological illness consider it a symptom or a consequence of psychological problems. That is, a person tries to forget about his problems with the help of sex. If the doctor can establish the main problem, then sexual addiction will disappear by itself.

At the same time, scientists draw your attention to the fact that a person with a high level of libido has not sexual addiction. This is his natural need and the work of the hormonal system.

Dependent people experience a constant desire for sexual stimulation and satisfaction. Even though his behavior can have negative consequences, they use it all the same. Spending a lot of money on sexual gratification, constantly watching videos of a sexual nature, masturbation in public places and others is a sign of addiction. They cannot control their desire, and this brings them anxiety.

At the same time, a person with sexual addiction does not differ in behavior or appearance in ordinary life. Many family people are sexually addicted and try to satisfy their desire using additional methods.

Can you get rid of sexual addiction?
If you notice that your sex life has signs of dependence, brings you negative emotions, you cannot control your desire, then the first step to getting rid of the problem is to acknowledge its existence. After that, you need to seek help from a specialist who will find the reason for the appearance of this disorder and find ways to get rid of it. You should be prepared for the fact that the treatment will take a lot of time, and there will be periods when you will be ready to give up everything and stop fighting for your health. But if you go through therapy with a professional, then you will succeed.

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