Sexual energy is vital energy.


Scientists believe that our whole life is made of energy. Therefore, many people do not know what power they have and waste their energy on unimportant things. Energy flows wherever your thoughts are directed. At the same time, sexual energy is associated with sex and some people block it. Although, sexual energy is not sex. This is the life energy that is connected with your material world and gives you the strength to work, enjoy life, receive gifts, make money, and so on.

Sexuality is a natural necessity of every person in life, which is aimed at prolonging life.
Some people think that sexuality and sex appeal are the same thing. These are two different concepts that differ radically. Sexuality is not a sexual attraction that involves the gratification of animal instincts. Typically, people use stress to relax and release tension. At the same time, Eastern Taoist practices claim that sexual energy is a powerful force that can attract money, helps to achieve goals, stay young and healthy for many years.

Signs of sexual energy:

  • Vital energy, which is necessary for work and achieving goals in life.
  • Naturalness of beauty and attractiveness.
  • Lack of benefits.
  • Desire to enjoy life.
  • Manifestation of tenderness.
  • Acceptance of your uniqueness.

The reasons for the decrease in sexual energy.

Any negative emotions displace, dissipate our sexual energy, and drain our strength. Therefore, you should learn to keep track of your thoughts and transform them into positive energy. Try to avoid triggers that trigger emotional stress. Sexual energy is a quiet and calm flow, so any outbursts can block it. People who are in a relaxed state of acceptance have more sexual energy than those who are constantly fussing.

Not accepting your body and its natural beauty is a modern stressor blocking your sexual energy. If you try to live up to beauty standards, you lose your uniqueness and energy.

Thus, you need to start doing simple psychological exercises that will unblock your sexual energy and improve your quality of life. Let go of your thoughts and change your attitude towards them. Try to focus on pleasant things throughout the day.

In addition to psychological exercises, you can do physical exercises that will increase your sexual energy. You can use intimate muscle exercises. You must squeeze to relax intimate muscles.

The power of sexual energy gives great ecstasy of life, pleasure from the process. You can learn to manage your sexual energy, which will help you improve your quality of life and fill you with joy and happiness.

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