Rob Gronkowski on His Essential Workout Gear and How He’s Training After His NFL Career


Rob Gronkowski might be out of the NFL, but he hasn’t stopped training like a world-class football player. During his career, Gronkowski put up Hall of Fame-like numbers for the New England Patriots, helping the team win multiple Super Bowls along the way—all while keeping himself in tip-top shape.

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Now that he’s retired, Gronkowski hasn’t slacked on working out and training, although things are a bit different for him when he’s working out in the gym. After nine years in the league and going through multiple injuries and surgeries, Gronkowski has learned to adjust his training programs to help give his body what he needs for this stage of his life.

“A lot has changed,” Gronkowski tells Men’s Journal. “Now I focus on taking care of my body and recovering from all my injuries. It’s mainly all low impact and engaging in a lot of muscle groups. In the NFL it was a lot more free weights and heaving lifting. That really hurt my body and now I am doing everything I can to fix my injuries and become more healthy. What hasn’t changed is the mindset and intensity I bring to each workout.”

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Despite being out of the NFL in 2019—who knows what 2020 could bring—Gronkowski has been as focused on his fitness as ever, and that’s one reason why he teamed with Amazon to create a storefront of his favorite pieces of fitness gear, tech, and nutrition items. Gronkowski joins actors and athletes like Chris Pratt, tennis star Serena Williams, and actress Gabrielle Union, who each have their own collections as well.

Gronkowski spoke with Men’s Journal about the essential workout gear he uses, how he’s been training after his NFL career, and what it was like playing with future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady.

Men’s Journal: What are your favorite workouts to do in your training?

Rob Gronkowski: ​I gravitate towards interval training, as I think it relates more to sports and how I want to train. I am not a long distance guy. I love to move from one station to the next and take a little break between each before going hard. Something like a series of four exercises that you go from one to the other, like a push sled to plyo jumps to bands to sprints. I’ll then take a little break and do it again.

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Do you have a favorite or essential piece of gear that’s part of your training routine?

With everything I am doing for recovery now, I like the Theragun. Those things are awesome.

What are some of the fitness essentials from your collection that you’re most excited about for people to be able to use?

​There are a variety of products, from the big cardio machines to the smaller recovery products like the Theragun. For cardio, I love the Jacobs Ladder Gronk Edition and WaterRower Gronk Edition. Both of those products work your entire body and are low impact. My favorite new product is the inertia wave bands. They are better for you than battle ropes because they are low impact and make you engage so many muscles in your body.

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Rob Gronkowski / Amazon
Rob Gronkowski / Amazon

You’re one of the most active guys out there, even after retiring from the NFL. What are some fitness and nutritional tips you follow that help you stay in such great shape?

It’s a lot of low impact and engaging a lot of muscle groups with products like the inertia wave bands. Then after the workout, it’s essential for me to take care of my body with massages and eating properly. ​I wish I would have known more about nutrition earlier in my career. I eat a lot cleaner now. I eat tons of fruits and vegetables now and other foods that reduce inflammation, like turmeric. It really makes a huge difference for me in how I’m feeling and my recovery.

What was it like to play with Tom Brady and win Super Bowl championships with one of the best quarterbacks of all time?

Tom is the man. He expects that you push yourself to become the best you can be and he demands it out of you. It was great playing alongside of him and learning how to be a professional athlete. The guy is a machine.

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Why did you want to create and work on this collection?

My brothers and I have a lot of products in health and fitness. Amazon approached us to launch my store focused around health and fitness and my favorite products. We have our own Gronk Fitness Products line and Ice Shaker to name a few. You know me, I am all about fitness and taking care of my body. This was a cool project because I was able to mix all my brands that I am part of all together. Plus, it was a chance add some of the cool other fitness products I like to use.

What are you most excited about for people to see with this collection of essentials?

My family and I have been in the fitness industry for a long time. So we know what good products are and what works. So my Amazon storefront will be loaded with products that get the job done. Everything is fun with fitness—if you have the right mindset you will be able to better yourself and have fun with it.

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