Yoga improves women’s health.


Every woman wants to be young and healthy for many years. Modern cosmetology and medicine are doing everything possible to preserve their health and beauty. But not many women know that their health depends on the condition of the pelvic floor muscles. Unfortunately, infectious diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, endocrine, and other systems affect the condition of a woman’s genitals.

All these diseases provoke prolapse of internal organs. Medicine offers surgery to correct this problem. But, not all of you prefer to use this way. If you want to prevent prolapse of internal organs or improve your condition, you can use yoga. Many women are embarrassed to voice their problem to a yoga teacher, and it is their mistake. A competent specialist can choose special asanas that will help you keep health. Please note that yoga is only a way to prevent the prolapse of internal organs or improve the condition in the initial stage. If your situation is too serious, you should listen to your doctor’s advice.

As a rule, prolapse of internal organs is a female problem, although men can also suffer from this ailment. Therefore, yoga exercises should be performed by everyone who wants to be healthy.

Yoga offers many exercises that work and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. One of the most effective asanas is “moola bandha”. It is a very powerful technique that affects the entire body as a whole. Experienced yogis claim that this exercise causes the interaction of the physical, mental, and physical bodies of a person. By doing this exercise, you squeeze the intimate muscles, which leads to blood flow to them and improves their condition. Also, regular performance of this exercise leads to an improvement in the work of the endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular systems. All internal organs receive more blood, and their cells are saturated with useful substances. “Mula bandha” is a valuable tool in the treatment of diseases of the abdominal and pelvic organs, including digestive and sexual disorders. Also, this exercise helps you to relax and forget about everyday problems. Thus, Mula Bandha is a way to get rid of stress and gain harmony in the mind and body.

Mula bandha can be practiced on its own or as part of the entire yoga practice. The essence of this exercise is to squeeze the intimate muscles and keep them in this position throughout the practice. You can use this exercise throughout the day. Squeeze your muscles and hold them for a few minutes. It can be done in the workplace or while sitting in the car. For the first few days, you may experience difficulty as your muscles are weak, so you cannot squeeze them. But regular practice will correct the situation.
The next exercise that will correct the situation is Ashvini mudra. It is a type of dynamic asana. By doing this exercise, you squeeze and relax the anus.

Do these exercises every day, and you will notice that your muscles become stronger. In addition, the regular performance of these exercises leads to an improvement in libido in both men and women.

Other asanas can also improve the situation and prevent the lowering of the internal organs. If you want to get the positive effect of these exercises, you should take some lessons from a yoga teacher. Exercising on your own can have the opposite effect or not bring the desired result. Even if you don’t like yoga, you can only do a few pelvic floor exercises or incorporate them into your daily workout.

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