Signs of a toxic relationship.


Each person needs someone who could share grief and joy. Friends, relatives, and partners are people who make our life full. But unfortunately, not all people can build healthy and happy relationships. Sometimes relationships with other people bring many problems that make your life unbearable. Sometimes people do not cope with problems and decide to go away. If your relationship is healthy, then you will make such a difficult decision with your partner, and despite the complexity of the situation, you can do it with a minimum of pain and complaints. But sometimes people try to maintain relationships that only bring pain. This is a sign of psychological frustration. Typically, such relationships are toxic and demoralize the person. So that you can understand that your relationship is healthy, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the symptoms of toxic relationships. If you notice that at least one symptom exists in your relationship, start taking steps to get rid of such a relationship.

Different views on some principles of life. All people are different and have different perspectives on life. If you have different views on minor issues, they can be resolved. You just need to discuss with your partner what you expect from each other and how you can get rid of disagreements. But if you have different views on parenting, plans for the future, sexual preferences, and fidelity, then such a relationship will only bring pain. Discuss these issues at the beginning of your relationship. If you notice that you have different views on important issues, then it’s better to leave out.

Great expectations from a partner. If you or your partner expect too much from each other, this is the path to complaints. If you think that your partner should solve all your problems and make you happy, then you will encounter a problem that cannot be solved. Each person is responsible for their happiness and the solution to their problems. A partner can help if he can or support you in difficult times. Also, the partner cannot expect from you that you will do for him what you do not want or cannot. If you see that your partner has high hopes on you for his/her happiness, then leave him/her.

Care. Taking care of each other is a sign of a healthy relationship. If your partner cannot turn out to be friends when you feel bad, then this partner is not yours.

Trust. You should feel that you can tell your partner about your feelings and experiences. You must not afraid that he will condemn you or laugh at you. If you do not trust your partner, then relations with him/her will not bring you happiness.

Respect. This is the feeling on which any relationship is built. Therefore, if you disrespect each other, your relationship will be filled with pain. If you feel that your partner is looking at you with contempt and considers you unworthy of him/her, then run away from him/her and never return. You are valuable, your life is important. And no one can humiliate you and hurt you.

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