Self-isolation can be useful and fun.


Coronavirus has made many people around the world stay at home for a long time. Despite the seriousness of the situation, you can find a positive point. Now you can take the time to yourself. Use this time for your development, read, listen to video lectures and take sports out. If you used to go to the gym, then switching to home workouts can be problematic. To make it easier for you to organize your classes, you can take advantage of free online workouts from the studio CorePower Yoga.

The studio offers a variety of workouts and tips on a healthy lifestyle. The studio went online after an outbreak of coronavirus in the United States. By becoming a subscriber to the studio you get access to all lessons such as C1, C2, Sculpt, HPF and meditation. If you do not want to register on the studio’s website, then access to this useful material will be closed. It is worth noting that all online lessons are free.

Lessons are designed for people with different levels of physical fitness. On this site, you will find classes lasting from 5 to 60 minutes. They are not only notable for their level of difficulty, but have a different purpose, too. If you want to pay attention to the whole body, then you take a long workout to work out all the muscles. If you want to work out only the muscles of the core, then for you there is a special video lesson aimed at the work of these muscles. The site has yoga classes for both beginners and long-practicing yogis. If you do not want to take sports up, you can choose a lesson in meditation that will help you relax and distract from sad thoughts in this difficult period.

Do not think that yoga is very simple. The influence of yoga on a person’s condition is difficult to overestimate. Yoga helps to develop the body, strengthen it and develop the flexibility of the joints. During yoga exercises, the nervous system calms down and all the systems in your body stabilize. Physical and mental health is very important especially during an epidemic.

CorePower helps you get over the self- isolation period. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the world of yoga. Yoga lessons will help you along the way. If you are a beginner yogi, you can start with 1-minute videos to help you master simple yoga poses. Then you can continue the classes with a full range of exercises.

Do not neglect the lessons of meditation. Find 5-20 minutes per day and your mood will be normal. A good mood is a key to health.

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