Causes of a protruding belly.


The influence of bloggers on people’s lives is so great that sometimes it leads to the emergence of unhealthy habits. For example, under the influence of social media, many women try to get rid of fat completely. It seems to them that even a minimal percentage of fat on their bodies looks ugly. They dream of the same cubes on their abs. The pursuit of such a picture turns into a non-nutritious way of life. Women ignore all the calls of doctors and the arguments of scientists about the dangers of lack of fat in the female body. They do not advocate being overweight and obese. Scientists and doctors argue that every woman should have a percentage of fat on her body, and a flat stomach without fat can cause hormonal imbalance and lack of periods.

It does not mean that you have to give up sports and start eating everything. Proper nutrition and moderate exercise keep your body healthy. If you want to have beautiful flat abs, then you should figure out why it does not want to leave despite your efforts. Hard diets will not help you but only destroy your health.

Causes of a pot belly.

Body fat.
The reason for the accumulation of fat on your belly can be a lack of deficit between calories consumed and energy expended. For example, if you ate 2000 calories of any food, and spent only 1500 calories, the excess of calories turns into fat, which settles on your belly. To solve this problem, you should consume less food than you spend. But, do not reduce calories to less than 1200 calories per day. A lack of calories is harmful to your health.
You should also add more protein to your diets, such as meat, fish, and eggs. Protein helps your muscles burn excess fat.

Wrong posture.
A wrong spine position affects your body shape. Therefore, if you slouch your belly comes out in front. To get rid of this problem, you should straighten your spine and the core muscles that are responsible for your posture. Correct posture helps to flatten the belly visually.

Weak pelvic floor muscles.
Aging changes in your body, childbirth, or improper weight lifting techniques can weaken your pelvic floor muscles. Having lost their tone, muscles can bulge, and you get a sticking out belly despite proper nutrition and regular exercise. You can solve this problem with Imbuilding.

Hormonal imbalance.
Deviation of the female hormone estrogen from normal levels often leads to the appearance of fatty tissue on the abdomen. If you are undergoing hormone therapy, this can cause a bulging belly. See your doctor and get tested for estrogen levels. Your doctor will prescribe treatment to help you balance your hormones.

Inflammatory processes in the intestines.
Bloating is a discomfort for many women. Therefore, you should see your doctor and eliminate the cause of the inflammatory processes in your intestines. Look for foods that trigger bloating and eliminate them from your diet. If the bloating is caused by a serious illness, you should get treatment from a qualified professional.

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