Some signs of your body that you have a wrong diet or workout.


Thanks to the availability of information, many of us are looking for the necessary advice on the Internet. We learn about the best diets, how to train better, at what time training is more effective, often forgetting that not everything that we learn is suitable for us. Applying the advice of the Internet, after some time, our body begins to tell us that something is wrong with us.

If we listen to the signals of our body, we can prevent many problems. At first glance, these signals may not seem serious or temporary, so people do not attach great importance to them, continuing to harm their bodies. Nevertheless, if you notice even small changes and can understand what your body is screaming about, you can stop serious diseases thereby saving your life. Listen to your body, not fashion bloggers who talk about themselves and it does not concern you. You have your own way.

Pay attention to the condition of your hair.
If you notice that after you started to stick to some kind of diet, your hair became dull, dry or brittle; you need to make tests, because this may indicate that your body lacks trace elements. Another sign of problems in the body is excessive hair loss. Studies at the University of Toronto show that in young men, hair loss can be a sign of prostate. Therefore, pay attention to your hair; this will help you to avoid serious health problems.

A terrible feeling of hunger after drinking.
The research group of scientists from London College led to an interesting result. It turns out that alcohol calls to the area of ​​the brain, which is responsible for the feeling of hunger. As a result, you transmit, while consuming not entirely useful products. Thus, frequent alcohol consumption affects your appetite, forcing you to eat more, which is a sign of metabolic disorders. If you care about your gastrointestinal tract, then drink alcohol extremely rarely and in small quantities.

Chest discomfort
Sometimes we ignore minor chest pains justifying it with different factors, but we could not even imagine that intestinal bacteria (TMAO) could cause it. These symptoms cannot be ignored, as high levels of TMAO can cause a stroke or heart attack with a high probability of death. Feeding your gut can protect your ticker. Therefore, be careful about the state of your intestines and do not violate its health with various fashionable diets that are not intended to make you healthier.

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