How Ayurveda can improve your sleep.


Good sleep is the guarantee of our health. Many scientists are exploring sleep from different angles. They study how sleep affects our health, what factors affect sleep quality, and others. Sleep is also a subject of interest in Ayurveda, which claims that sleep is one of the three main sources of energy, and sleep disturbance destroys the human energy system.

Without a full sleep, your body cannot recover after a hard day, stress, and other factors of influence. If you notice that your dream is far from ideal and that you do not constantly get enough sleep, then you should begin to solve this problem. If you do not pay the necessary attention to the quality of sleep, so all the systems in your body will begin to refuse to work optimally. This may lead to the development of various diseases, both physical and psychological.

Ayurveda medicine claims that the quality of our lives depends on the quality of sleep. If you do not want to go to hospitals and take tests all your life, use the recommendations of Ayurveda medicine to prevent physical and mental illness.

These few tips will help you make your sleep stronger and calmer.
Of course, you know that you must go to bed not later than 10 pm. This fact is not discussed. Besides this, you must properly prepare for bed.

Do not watch TV and social networks an hour before bedtime. Refusal of excess information will help your brain to relax and get rid of the stress that you get during the day.

Walking has a good effect on the nervous system, so give it your time at least half an hour a day. The time of walks depends on your capabilities, but if you can walk in the evening, then do not neglect this opportunity.

Sleep in the dark. After you close the curtains and turn off the light, your body receives a signal that it is time to produce melatonin and your sleep is deeper.

Do not eat before bedtime. Dinner should be light and three or four hours before bedtime. Thus, your digestive system has a chance to relax during your sleep.

Foot massage calms the nervous system well and helps your body relax. Massage can be done with warm oil. Well, stretch each part of your legs, including your toes.

Ayurveda medicine recommends using warm milk with spices before bedtime. It has a good effect on the human energy system and calms the nervous system. Add a pinch of nutmeg or turmeric.

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