Stages and signs of alcoholism.


Drinking alcohol is a tradition in many countries around the world. Generally, a glass of wine a week is not a problem for most adults. At the same time, no one thinks about what harm it causes to their body using alcohol. Scientists claim that alcohol has a strong psychotropic effect on the human brain. A person who drinks alcohol too often has mental disorders, which can manifest themselves in the form of inappropriate behavior. Small doses of alcohol cause excitement, which manifests itself in an increase in mood, a feeling of joy, a desire to have fun.

Uncontrolled excessive consumption of alcohol leads to poisoning and death.
Scientists name three stages in the development of alcohol dependence.

1. Mental addiction.
As a rule, alcohol is a way to avoid conflicts, forget about problems and relax at this stage of the development of alcoholism. At this stage, it becomes a habit for a person to consume alcohol for this purpose and reaches a state of severe intoxication.
2. Physical dependence.
Regular alcohol abuse leads to a change in the biochemical processes of the body, as a result of which the regular intake of alcohol into the body becomes necessary for its normal functioning. If an alcoholic does not receive a sufficient dose, he begins to experience physical discomfort in the form of headaches, loss of appetite, muscle tremors, and so on.
3. Degradation of personality.
A person becomes indifferent to family and friends, neglects the most elementary rules of morality and ethics, and is indifferent to his behavior. Irreversible processes begin to occur in the body.

Alcoholism develops gradually, and you can notice it when you see the first signs. These include:

  • inability to control the amount of alcohol consumed,
  • depressed mood,
  • aggressiveness and isolation in a sober state,
  • improving mood with the opportunity to drink,
  • denial of alcohol addiction,
  • using every opportunity to drink.

Alcoholism is a disease that requires complex treatment. But, the main condition for getting rid of alcoholism is the person’s desire to be treated. You cannot force an alcoholic to follow your principles of life. Therefore, take care of your life, and the alcoholic must decide for himself how to live on.

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