The benefits of self-talk.


How often do you tell others about your experiences, thoughts, and dreams? Or are you used to keeping everything to yourself and not sharing? Voicing your worries and concerns reduces the stress from them. When you visit a psychologist, you tell him your thoughts and experiences and this helps you cope with them. You can use this method of psychological therapy yourself. Self-talk is an effective way of psychological self-help. But often people are immersed in a negative dialogue with themselves and constantly have an internal conversation for self-criticism, self-blame, and other negative things. This type of internal conversation drains your nervous system and leads to negative consequences for your mental health.

All people talk to themselves, but not everyone uses these conversations to their advantage. The type of conversation depends on your nature. If you are an optimist, then you probably love to tell yourself about the pleasant things that surround you, and if you are a pessimist, then your attention is focused on negative events in your life and you constantly talk about them even with yourself.

The type of conversation affects the quality of your life. During the positive conversation, dopamine levels increase, your nervous system relaxes and you feel energized. By using negative dialogue, you run the risk of wasting vitality and increasing stress levels, which can damage your mental and physical health.

Scientists have conducted several studies and found that positive dialogue affects the work of your mind and body positively. If you are an optimistic person, then having a positive conversation is not a problem for you. But if you are a pessimist and are used to seeing only the bad, scientists have good news for you. You can independently choose the direction of the internal dialogue. You need to learn how to manage your thoughts and direct them in the right direction.

Benefits of positive internal conversation.
Scientists claim that having a positive conversation by itself significantly improves your overall well-being and increases your productivity. After conducting a study in which athletes took part, scientists found that those athletes who had a positive internal conversation before training showed better results than those who talked to themselves about negative things.

Taking into account the research on the impact of positive thinking on human health, scientists have concluded that positive self-talk has many benefits for your health, namely:

  • increases energy levels,
  • reduces stress and anxiety levels,
  • reduces pain,
  • improves the work of the cardiovascular system,
  • boosts immunity.

Also, scientists argue that people who have a positive internal dialogue make decisions faster, solve problems and their mental abilities are at the highest level than those who are used to thinking only about the bad. Therefore, positive conversation helps to achieve better academic and career results.
We hope we’ve convinced you that a positive self-talk is an effective tool for improving the quality of your life. Now, your task is to learn this self-help method. We warn you that if you are an experienced pessimist, it will take time for you to learn a new skill. Be patient and start with small steps. Even if you learn to think positively for 5 minutes a day, this will be the first step to a better life.

Also, you need to identify events in your life that upset your mental balance. Once you understand what is upsetting you, you can learn to react to these events differently or avoid them. After analyzing the situation, you should understand why these events cause you negative feelings and how you can reduce them.
Also, we suggest that you reduce communication with pessimists and find people with a good sense of humor and a positive outlook on life. They are in your environment, but perhaps you ignore them.
And do not forget to notice the positive events in your life and record them. You can use a special notebook in which you can write down all the good things that happened to you during the day. This way you start your brain to focus on positive events.

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