The best sports equipment for home workouts.


Health experts and doctors encourage you to lead an active lifestyle and exercise at least three times a week. You certainly agree with the theory of the benefits of physical activity, but postpone sports constantly, justifying this decision by the lack of time or the high cost of a gym membership. Experts can prove to you that you have enough desire to change yourself for the better for training. Home workouts can be just as beneficial as workouts in the gym. You don’t need bulky and expensive training equipment to improve your body shape. Bodyweight training can provide benefits that many gym lovers can only dream about. And if you want to complicate or diversify your home workout, sports equipment will help you. Don’t be afraid. We are not suggesting that you buy exercise bikes, treadmills, or other large exercise equipment that require space in your home or are expensive.

We offer you simple and inexpensive sports equipment that you can hide in your closet and take with you on the go. Thus, you get a full load on the muscles of your entire body with a minimum of financial costs and without sacrificing the space of your apartment.

And so, if you decide to purchase equipment that will help you achieve the desired sports form, we suggest that you consider several options that are highly effective and easy to use.


If the goal of your workouts is not only to reduce weight but also to create a beautiful shape for your body, it is difficult for you to do without simple but effective equipment such as dumbbells. You can use them to do various exercises for all muscle groups. If you have never used dumbbells or other types of weights, then start working with a lightweight of 1.5-2 kilograms. After your body gets used to the load, you can add more weight. The best option for dumbbells that will save you money is stacked dumbbells. You can increase the weight of your dumbbells with extra disks. It’s a simple and economical way.

Jump rope.

Jumping rope is a great cardio workout that makes your blood move faster. This workout helps you strengthen your cardiovascular system and start the process of burning fat.

Resistance band.

It is the easiest and most comfortable sports equipment that gives extra resistance to your muscles during training, thus making them work better. You can use a resistance band with different resistance levels. But do not choose too light, as the efficiency will be lower.


Even such a simple exercise as lying with your back on a fitball will give you the feeling of deep relaxation of your muscles. The fitball allows you to stretch and strengthen the muscles in your arms, abs, and back. Also, some trainers use fitball to work their leg muscles. You can find them on YouTube and use them for home workouts.

A foam roller.

A sedentary lifestyle or strength training causes muscles to contract, and it disrupts blood circulation. Thus, the effectiveness of training decreases, and the process of losing weight may slow down. You can solve this problem with a foam roller for myofascial massage . It influences all tight muscles and the connective tissue, which is responsible for smooth movement, joint health, and the entire musculoskeletal system. Also, such a roller can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Ankle weights.

This simple sports equipment provides additional stress during exercise. You can use weights for both legs and arms. Their weight ranges from 0.5 kg to 5 kg. Do your usual exercises with weights, and the process of forming a beautiful body will accelerate. You can also walk or run with leg weights, thereby increasing the load and burning more calories.

BOSU platform.

The BOSU platform resembles a fitball cut in half. But despite the similarity, their use is significantly different. If you use a fitball to stretch your abs and back muscles, the platform helps develop coordination and balance and strengthen your core muscles. You can use the platform for squats, planks, and other strength exercises. Your muscles are forced to work much harder trying to maintain balance during a strength workout.

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