World’s Fastest Track Gets New Partnership: Nike Track & Field Center at The Armory


Track careers might be ephemeral, but the lessons learned therein are eternal.

Access and Opportunity: The Cornerstones of Equity

“Keeping kids physically, mentally, culturally, socially, and intellectually fit during their school years, and beyond, is paramount,” says Schindel. “The best way to achieve this is to develop healthy, well-rounded children who are prepared for success in and out of the classroom, instill in them a love and passion for movement, and then provide them with fun opportunities to develop this passion.”

Currently, The Armory offers no-cost CityTrack, Little Feet, and Tiny Feet after-school exercise programming for elementary and middle school kids (Great Minds is a program that teaches fifth graders who participate in Little Feet how to build and code robots). There’s also Armory College Prep Middle School and Armory College Prep, an after-school summer initiative for high school students, which places 100 percent of those enrolled into four-year schools.

This partnership will help underscore The Armory and Nike’s ongoing commitment to uniting local and global communities and servicing underserved demographics—bringing sport to BIPOC communities and girls, in particular—all through the unifying power of movement.

Interested in getting involved? The Armory has opportunities to become a coach for CityTrack & Little Feet; you can seek volunteer opportunities at local NYC running events through New York Road Runners and Girls on the Run; and, of course, inquire in your own community about ways to make an impact.

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