The bicycle for training the glutes and thighs.


A bike ride is a quite romantic adventure. But the bicycle can be used to improve the shape of your hips. If you are bored with training on simulators in the gym, then a bicycle is what you are looking for to improve your health and mood. Training with a bicycle is especially useful for people who spend most of their day sitting in offices and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Stagnation of lymph and blood circulation in the thighs leads to the appearance of cellulite. Using a bicycle allows you to combine a workout with a pleasant pastime. But if you want to get the most out of your bike rides, you should follow a few rules.

How to choose a bike.
The effectiveness of the training depends on the type of bicycle. There is a large range of bicycles in stores. The choice of bike depends on your goals. If you plan to ride in the mountains, then a mountain bike will suit you. If you use a bicycle in the city, then buy a city or sports one. If you have not used a bicycle for a long time, then start with simple models such as urban or female ones. A modern bicycle can be equipped with many additional features. Make sure that you need these features, and you are ready to pay extra money for them before buying these bikes. Sometimes it’s a just waste of money. Also, make sure that the seat is wide enough and soft for you, and that the handlebar is regulatory. The height of the handlebar should allow you to sit with your back straight.

The correct height of the saddle and handlebar.
The height of the saddle is set according to the length of your legs. Sitting in the saddle and pressing the heel to the pedal at the lower point of rotation, your leg should be fully extended. Please note that the saddle must be horizontal. Incorrect ripening of the saddle will bring discomfort during the ride. To set the handlebar to the correct height, you should sit down so that you can easily reach the handlebar without bending forward too much. Pay your attention to the position of the hands. The elbows should be slightly bent and you can easily reach the helm.

The correct position of the body.
The effectiveness of your bike workout depends on how your body is positioned on it. Improper body position on the saddle can cause injury. Please note that you should sit on ischial bones, and not on the crotch. Bodyweight should be transferred to the glutes, you should not bend the lower back, and your back must be straight. The neck should be relaxed and the shoulders lowered. Hold the helm firmly with your hands and bend your elbows. Feet are constantly looking forward, the base of the big toes is located above the axis of the pedals.

The technique of the workout.
Despite the ease of use of the bike, you should consider a few nuances that will increase the effectiveness of the workout.
First, monitor your body position. Your body should not swing to the sides, and knees are directed just forward.
If you want to give a load on the back of the thigh, then turn the pedals not only forward but also backward. To get a load for your glutes too, you should squeeze them while pedaling.
Start your workout at a slow pace. Take a ride for 10-15 minutes and start speeding up. The muscles in your legs should work hard in this part of the workout. After 20 minutes of fast rid, you go to a slow pace and ride for 10 minutes. If you want more exercise and you are an advanced athlete, then after 20 minutes of fast riding, you make the next block even more accelerating. The duration of this block can be from 10 to 20 minutes. Allow your body to cool at the end of your workout. Drive for 10 minutes at a slow pace.

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