The new COVID drug gives hope.


Pharmaceutical companies around the world continue to develop an effective cure for COVID-19. One of the American pharmaceutical companies Merck is working with the biotechnology company Ridgeback Bio to develop a new COVID drug . Company officials said their research is in its final stages. This drug is aimed at improving the condition of infected patients.

New drugs must be taken by mouth. During the experiment, patients with COVID-19 took a new drug, and as a result, their level of infectiousness decreased significantly.
The drug requires additional testing, but the results already available give hope for the recovery of patients with COVID-19 and a decrease in the rate of spread of the virus.

In the meantime, Michigan authorities have decided to give access to the COVID-19 vaccine to all homeless people.
They hope that such a move will help in the fight against the pandemic. Vulnerable groups in society are at risk and could spread the virus. Therefore, vaccinating the homeless can reduce the spread of the virus and prevent outbreaks in homeless shelters.

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