The World Surf League decided to stop all activities planned for March


Due to the quick spread of coronavirus, many sporting events have been canceled or rescheduled for an undetermined time. The same fate befell surfing. Based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the leadership of the World Surf League decided to stop all events planned for March.

According to a statement by a representative of the World Surf League, this decision was made to protect athletes and fans from the disease. Because COVID-19 is a pandemic that threatens the danger of its athletes and other people.

According to WSL CEO Eric Logan, the decision to close all sporting events was not easy. Coronavirus has touched all sports and other events. Surfing was no exception. Eric Logan said that the health of athletes and fans is in the first place. If they did not refuse to carry out the planned activities, this could lead to the spread of the virus. Therefore, in this situation, the decision to stop all activities was the only right one. Logan noted that his organization monitors the development of the situation with the coronavirus, and if the situation changes, they will immediately respond.

According to the situation that has developed today, WSL carries all the events until the end of March, and most of them will be postponed to April. But if the situation becomes more complicated than the dates of the events will be changed again.

All information about upcoming tours and their dates can be found on the official WSL website.

If you plan to get on one of the tours, you need to follow the official information and plan a tour of accordingly new data. All information is updated daily, so you can learn in advance about everything that happens in the world of surfing.

Some tours are taking place now, but they are all carried out taking into account all the recommendations and restrictions. All athletes and staff were familiarized with instructions on how to behave in this situation. Also, the places where the tournaments are held are equipped with additional means for hand disinfection, and the tour organizers made sure that the athletes and fans did not interact with each other. Nevertheless, despite all the efforts on the part of the tournament organizers, we urge all fans to adhere to all the rules and not create additional risk in this difficult situation for the whole world.

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