Three right ways to end a friendship.


Friendship is a necessary social skill of each person. Each of us needs to communicate with other people, however, the special need of everyone is to have a person in your environment with whom you have similar interests, whom you can trust and feel comfortable with him. Having found such a person, you expect that your friendship will last your lifetime. Sometimes this happens when people carry their friendship from early childhood to very old age. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky, and sometimes friendship ends for various reasons.

Reasons for ending a friendship.
There are many reasons for ending a friendship, but you may have a unique reason. If you decide to end a friendship, this does not mean that you are a bad person. It means just that your paths diverged with your friend, and each of you goes your way. For you to understand that this happens, look at the common reasons for ending a friendship:
you have lost common interests;
your friend constantly criticizes you;
you have changed your place of residence or work and now you cannot meet with your friend often;
your friend constantly complains about life;
you are tired of the constant presence of your friend in your life.

One of the reasons for ending a friendship is the desire of one of the friends to stop communicating. At first glance, it might seem that this is easy to do enough to tell your friend about your decision. After all, this rule works in a love relationship. However, all is not so simple. Studies show that most people do not know how to end friendships and what words to choose.

If you are sure that your friendship with one or another friend brings more negative emotions than positive ones, then choose one of the options on how to end the friendship correctly.

Three right ways to end a friendship.

Gradual distance from each other.
This is a simple way that does not upset another person. You should reduce communication with your friend gradually. In some time, both of you will not want to spend time together and your friendship will be only a pleasant memory. This option is suitable for friends who simply have lost common interests and do not have any complaints or grievances against each other. Everything passes naturally and imperceptibly.

Say “no”.
If you spent a lot of time together before, went to bars, movies, felt in social networks, and talked on the phone for hours, then it’s time to stop doing all this. You can say “no” to all your friend’s suggestions. You can say you are too busy, and as a result, your friend will get tired of waiting for you, and he/she will leave you alone. This method is very suitable for people who are not friends for a long time, and the end of a relationship does not require any reasons and explanations.

Disappear once and for all.
If your friend is poisoning your life, and all your attempts to correct the situation were unsuccessful, then you have one-way out – to disappear. You can call this method cruel, but if a person does not understand your hints, then you must think about your feelings. Toxic relationships can swallow you, and it will be hard for you to get rid of them. Therefore, life sometimes requires harsh decisions.

Methods that you should not use.
Even though your friendship has ended, you must respect the feelings of your friend and try to end the relationship without harm to each of you. Therefore, never use methods such as gross accusations, aggressive statements, and text messages.

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