Use self-isolation as snowboarding stars.


Our whole life has changed due to coronavirus. We constantly hear news about the spread of the virus around the world, recommendations on how to wash your hands, where to go with the first symptoms. We decided to make several changes and invite you to get acquainted with the opinion of people about coronavirus who are not related to medicine. In front of coronavirus, everyone is equal regardless of status or field of activity. This disease does not choose who you are: a superstar or a simple worker. Quarantine has touched everyone.

All competitions, filming, and TV shows are suspended. We wondered what sportsmen think about this situation. For example, having studied the interviews with some snowboarders, we saw that they think about their health first of all. They are sure that there will have competitions, but now we need to confront this pandemic all over the place.

Together with the athletes, we wish you good health and remind you to wash your hands often, sit at home and devote time to yourself and your family. Cheer up everything will be well. In the meantime, read how sports stars spend time during the quarantine.

Zak Hale regretted that he had to lay down their equipment earlier this season. Every year in mid-March, the last competitions and tournaments were held. Nevertheless, this year was an exception. Now all the tracks are closed and the snowboarders stayed at home. He expresses the hope that everything will end soon and we will recall it as the horror that we experienced together. He encourages his fans to stay home and respect the quarantine regime. Only supporting each other, taking care of our relatives and ourselves, we can get over this difficult time.

Gabe Ferguson believes that this is a blow for the whole world, including for athletes. He is very sorry that he cannot do his favorite thing. Nevertheless, today he is thinking about completely different things. It is very important for him that all members of his family, friends be healthy. He is confident that snowboarding will not bring him joy if he finds himself without family and friends.

Max Warbington plans to use quarantine time to solve everyday problems. He wants to do household, eat well, take sports up, read and edit Tre Squad. Most importantly, he is going to spend time with those whom he loves the most, with his family. He does not recommend spending a lot of time on the Internet and TV. He offers to spend time with your family and enjoy every minute with your loved ones.

Max is sure that this is a great time to think about life and priorities. He understands that life will never be the same. We need to think about how we are destroying the earth and how this can be changed.

Max encourages you to be thankful for all that you have. He is very grateful to all the people who make our world better, to all the doctors who save lives, to all scientists who are trying to save the world from COVID-19. Max is sure that there are many heroes on Earth, thanks to whom our planet will be saved. He expresses his support to all the people whom the coronavirus touched and hopes that they will all be healthy soon.

Laura Hadar urges to refuse meetings with a large number of people and follow the recommendations. Our health should be the most important thing at this time. She calls on all snowboarders to take quarantine very seriously and not violate the rules and restrictions. Our irresponsibility can kill our elderly relatives. Therefore, we must take care of our relatives and ourselves. All in our hands.

Benny Milam regrets that the virus ruined all his plans. He cannot believe that all this is happening. All this seems like a wicked joke or a horror movie scene. After the news of the number of deaths in Italy reached him, he realized how serious this is. He thoughts about all the victims and prays for them.

Nik Baden believes that the best solution in this situation is to stay home. People who continue to lead an active social life are irresponsible and selfish. He is sure that everything is very serious, and each of us should be at home to reduce the rate of spread of coronavirus.

Harry Hagan is sympathetic to the premature closure of the season. We must take responsibility and contribute to the fight against the virus. In his opinion, the best way that everyone can use is self-isolation.

For Melissa Riitano, everything has changed because of the coronavirus, too. She had plans, planned visits, and all were destroyed in one day. She is a responsible citizen so he uses self-isolation. Melissa plans to spend time at home, cook, take sports up, and go camping. She believes that self-isolation is a small problem compared to the disease. Therefore, it is better to sit at home than to be treated in a hospital.

She hopes that life in the USA will be happier shortly. Nevertheless, to save human lives, you need to look at the experience of Italy and take the virus more seriously than some people. It is not necessary to live in constant fear, but all precautions should be followed.

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