What remained behind the scenes of the movie Logan: exhausting training and proper nutrition.


Three years ago, the world saw Logan. Hugh Jackman reported on his page on Instagram about the anniversary. Judging by his post on the page on Instagram, the actor recalls not only the filming but his training, diet, which he adheres to almost his entire conscious life. And that’s all for Wolverine to appear on big screens in good shape.

He expresses his sincere gratitude for the role that has become his calling card, for hours of training, for steamed food.

For the first time in the role of Wolverine, Jackman appeared in the X-Men film. This was not the main role, but Hugh’s work amazed everyone. After five years in Australian theaters, Jackman was able to reveal his acting talent and break into the world of cinema as a superhero. With the development of the film, his hero gradually took the first rows of positions in the ranks of superheroes. In 2013, the Wolverine movie was released and Hugh began to publish his training with the coach on his Instagram. These videos scored millions of tricks and became a legend.

In preparation for his role in the Logan in 2017, Jackman spent four hours every day for training. The basis of his training was weightlifting. Jackman could do 100 clapping pushups, bench 315 lbs and leg-press 1,000. In addition to exhausting training, Hugh strictly watched his diet. His daily diet consisted of steamed chicken, vegetables and a lack of carbohydrates. At the same time, he adhered to interval fasting according to the 8/16 system. When the movie Logan was released, the audience was amazed at how young Hugh looked. It was noticeable even under the make-up.

Now when the filming of Logan is over, Jackman can relax and score on a tasteless diet and hard training. But thanks to his character, Hugh acquired the body of a superhero.

When you feel like skipping a workout or eating a cake, think of Hugh, who trained twice a day and did not eat junk food for many years.

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