Why can’t you lose weight?


So, you decided to pay attention to your body and lose extra pounds. You have picked up nutrition, training sessions, and started to achieve your goal. Come a week, then a second, but your weight has not changed. And you start to panic because you are sure that you are doing everything right. Unfortunately, it happens that some people make small mistakes, which are a serious obstacle to a beautiful body. Therefore, we decided to talk about the main mistakes that do not allow you to lose weight. Read carefully, and maybe you will see your mistakes.

Not regular workouts.
Many people think that workout is not very important for losing weight. They train once or twice a week thinking that this is enough to work out the muscles. This error will lead to inhibition of the process of losing weight. The regularity and intensity of training affect weight loss speed. Exercise helps create a calorie deficit. Therefore, if you decide to lose weight, you should train 3 times a week for 1 hour. You can train every day for half an hour. But, your main task is to adhere to the training schedule and not to miss them.

A lot of regulatory hormones are produced during sleep. If you have a lack of sleep, then the hormonal system starts to work incorrectly. Also, lack of sleep affects appetite, and sleepy people consume more calories.

Often people do not notice what they eat during emotional tension. Psychological hunger makes us seek pleasure in food. Constant stress blocks the production of hormones of joy and we are trying to increase it with the help of fatty sweet food. This leads to a set of extra pounds. Therefore, pay attention to your psychological health and allow your nervous system to relax.

If you want to lose weight you must eat. Distribute the daily calorie content of your diet for 3 or four meals. Do not miss any of them. Skipping meals can slow down the metabolism, and your weight will remain in place. Another disadvantage of skipping CDs is overeating. Your body will require the necessary energy, and you will eat more the next time you eat.

High-calorie drinks.
When you set your calorie limit for the day, you should consider everything that your body receives. Tea, coffee, and soda have calories, too. Think well before you drink a glass of sweet soda. It may be better to eat fruits or berries for this amount of calories. Soda does not quench thirst and hunger. This is just a habit.

Taking medication.
If you have a medical condition and are taking pills, they can affect your weight. Do not cancel their reception. Consult with your doctor, maybe he/she will prescribe other pills that will not affect the process of losing weight. But if this is not possible, then your health comes first, and you must continue to take the medicine. Your doctor can find you a nutrition plan that can help you deal with extra pounds. Also, you can continue to play sports, and your body will look better if you do not.

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