You can use a holiday for improving relationships.


On the eve of the holidays, many of you feel huge stress. Celebration planning and expectations drain your nervous system and can lead to frustration, irritation, and worse relationships with the people around you. Holidays can be a challenge for your relationship. On the eve of Halloween, psychologists recommend using this time to strengthen your relationship and get closer to each other.

They suggest that you use a variety of ways to strengthen relationships and have fun during the holidays.

The bustle of the holiday, buying gifts, decorating the house, organizing a party, and designing a costume takes all your free time, and your partner suffer without your attention. As statistics show, the number of divorces and separations increases after the holidays.

However, you should not be afraid of the holidays or see them as a challenge. You can avoid the sad statistics if you pay a little attention to your relationship. Also, you can use the holiday as a chance to strengthen your relationship.

Date with your partner.
Visiting family and friends is not a bad idea to spend time on a holiday. During these parties, you spend time with close people. However, all of your attention is directed to many people, and you have no energy left for your partner. You can arrange a date with your partner on a special day and only pay attention to each other.

Create your ritual for that holiday.
Rituals bring stability to our lives and bring people closer together. You can create your ritual that you will do every year or for every holiday. For example, you can decorate a house, buy a pumpkin, put candles around the house, cook a delicious meal together. You should use any simple actions that both of you love or amuse you.

Make pleasant surprises.
A cup of tea or a favorite dish gives more positive emotions than an expensive half-gift. Study your partner, learn interest in his desires, and surprise him without expecting any response from him.
The surprise will make your partner remember this holiday forever. Give your loved ones positive emotions, and your relationship will improve.

Pay attention to each other.
According to a study by the American Psychological Association, more than 40% of women and 30% of men experience significantly more stress during this period than at other times of the year. Therefore, spend time with your partner, talk, watch movies, or go for a walk. Even the most perfect holiday is not worth your relationship with your partner.

Forget about stereotypes.
After looking at the lives of others on Instagram or other social networks, you can demand the impossible from yourself. You start to follow the stereotypes of what a holiday should be, but your inner desires may differ from them. Therefore, create your holiday and follow your wishes.

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