Aging brain: symptoms and ways to slow down the pace.


I am sure that each of you wants to maintain a clear mind even in extreme old age. Scientists try to find a way to keep the brain youthful. Unfortunately, they have managed to study this topic only partially. Unfortunately, this process cannot be controlled, and many people suffer from dementia in old age. While scientists don’t have a recipe for keeping your brain healthy, they can name some ways to prolong the health and youthfulness of your brain. At the same time, they are sure that each person is unique and the aging process depends on many factors, including genetic inheritance.

Also, scientists are sure that the state of the brain depends on the lifestyle. Therefore, if you want to reduce the risk of developing dementia, you should analyze your habits and exclude those that increase the risk of rapid aging of the brain and add those that will help maintain clarity of thinking even in old age.

Physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle provokes poor blood circulation. Your brain cells don’t get the nourishment they need and start dying. Any physical activity contributes to greater consumption of oxygen, which is the main component of cell life. Thus, your memory does not decrease over the years, and you can memorize more information. Research supports the theory that people over 45 need to be physically active to keep their brains youthful because a sedentary lifestyle reduces brain activity by ten years.

Quality sleep. Let me remind you that adults should sleep at least 7 hours to allow all systems of their body to recover and rest. If you neglect this rule, you expose your body to stress, which leads to chronic fatigue and disruption of the brain.

Healthy eating. Most doctors believe that nutrition is the first cause of almost all diseases. Modern people eat unhealthy food that he does not need for life and only harms. Excessive consumption of flour, sweet, fatty foods leads to impaired cognitive functions. Recent studies have confirmed that people who consume enough omega 3 are less likely to have dementia than those who eat unhealthy foods. Also, scientists have found that foods such as nuts, spinach, leafy vegetables, eggs, avocados help maintain neural connections.

Impact of stress. Each of you experiences negative emotions throughout the day. Stress is a natural process in the modern world, and you should learn to cope with it without harm to your health. Chronic stress destroys your brain and causes it to age rapidly.

Brain activity. Your brain needs to be active and receive new information that forms new neural connections that keep your brain youthful. Therefore, study a variety of topics at any age. One way to get your brain to work harder is to play a musical instrument. Canadian scientists have shown that such a load on the brain helps to avoid age-related cognitive changes, as well as preserve hearing. Learning new information improves your memory and your mental state.

Aging is an irreversible process that you cannot undo, but you can control. Dementia is an unnatural aging process, and you can prevent it by changing your habits.
Scientists believe that people who can avoid dementia are those who:

  • have regular physical activity;
  • stimulate brain activity;
  • are socially active;
  • cope with stress;
  • lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • have quality sleep.

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