Can yoga help reduce high blood pressure?


You may not even suspect that your body is suffering from high blood pressure. Unfortunately, it usually does not have any symptoms, just you can have sometimes headache, palpitations, and nosebleeds. Therefore, you may not even notice that your body is suffering from this “silent disease”.

But you should not ignore even small symptoms. At the first sign of the disease see your doctor, as high blood pressure negatively affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system. This creates an extra load on the blood vessels and can lead to stroke, heart attack, and other heart pathologies.

Also, the kidneys are very suffering from high pressure and can not perform their function fully.

You can control pressure surges with medication. But studies show that nutrition and lifestyle help lower blood pressure and prevent sudden surges. Thus, you can protect your heart from unnecessary stress by preventing the development of heart disease.

Also, scientists have conducted a series of studies on the effects of alternative treatments for high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, these studies were carried out with the participation of a small number of people, so their results may not be reliable. But, all the same, those studies have shown that regular practice of yoga makes the blood move faster, and it is filled with oxygen better, which means it saturates the whole body. Thus, the work of the heart improves, and the pressure in the vessels decreases.

Please note that yoga is not only asanas but also proper breathing. There are several breathing techniques in yoga (pranayama) that you can use.

Also, not all asanas affect blood pressure. Only a special complex can give the desired result. In this case, the duration and frequency of yoga do not affect blood pressure.

Unfortunately, not one of the studies has confirmed the theory that yoga is more effective than other methods of treatment. The effects of yoga and medicine are the same. Therefore, you decide how you better deal with the problem of high pressure.

Researchers also argue that if you drink alcohol, eat junk food, then yoga will not be able to help you. You must change your lifestyle and incorporate yoga in your daily routine for greater effectiveness.

Even though much more research is required to confirm the effective effect of yoga on blood pressure, today we can say that if you regularly do yoga, your body will gain a lot of additional benefits. Therefore, do not wait for your body to become diseased, you can prevent disease today.

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