Five workouts with a skipping rope for burning calories.


Many athletes use such simple equipment as a jump rope in their workouts. Despite its simplicity, exercises on the rope give an amazing cardio effect. However, it does not take up many seats, and you can use it anywhere, with available space.

Using the rope develops coordination and the cardiovascular system. You should pay attention to the size so that the workout goes right and benefits you. Take the rope, place one foot on it, and lift its arms to your armpits. If they get to them, then this is the right size for you, if they are missing or go higher, then such the rope is not suitable for you. When jumping, you must twist the rope with your wrists, not your shoulder joints. Hands should be bent at the elbows at the waist. It is this position of your body you take benefit from jumping.

You can buy a speed rope with bearings, which is more suitable for double under. This type of rope is more expensive, but it is better, and with them, you can develop speed higher.

Skipping rope is great for those who want to burn calories. We offer you several types of training with a rope, which will help you, develop your stamina and burn calories. Workouts do not take much time, but they give an amazing effect.

High-speed circuit
If you are looking for an excuse and reasons not to go to the gym, then we suggest that you bring your body back to normal with a jumping rope. This exercise takes half an hour, but your body will burn. Before training, do not forget to warm up. You can use the rope to warm up, too. Do 30 socks, then 30 classic squats. After these exercises, stand at the bar for 1 minute. Repeat these exercises for another 2-3 rounds.
Once your muscles are ready for serious work, proceed to train.
In this workout, you jump on a skipping rope for 1 minute, and then do one of the exercises in turn for 30 seconds: push-ups, triceps bench dips, lunges, jumping squats, mountain climbers, and flutter kicks.
In this way, you get 1-minute jumps, 30 seconds exercise, then jumps again, and 30 seconds the next exercise.
After doing all the exercises, rest for one minute and proceed to the second round. Two circles are quite enough for a full high-performance workout. After training, do stretching exercises, your muscles deserve to rest.

CrossFit Annie
Some CrossFit workouts have their names. This is one of them. Nevertheless, do not look that is a gentle name, the workout will be tough. In this workout, you use only two exercises – double unders and sit-ups. If you do not know how to do double unders, replace with regular jumps, but double the number of times. Therefore, we begin. Do 50 double unders or 100 classic jumps, and then do 50 squats. Again, start double unders, having done them 40 times (80 classic jumps) and 40 squats. Therefore, you do in a circle each time reducing the number of approaches by 10 times. When you reach ten jumps and squats, having made them you can have a rest. Your training is over.

Jumping for Runners
A running trainer loves to use a skipping rope in training runners. They say that jumping is well prepared for the muscles of the legs to load, and also trigger the cardiovascular system. This allows runners to keep a long-distance and develop speed.
After warming up, grab a jump rope and jump for 30 seconds. Put the sweat rope and run 100 meters at maximum speed. Then return to the rope, then again jump for 30 seconds, and again run for 100 meters. Take 10 such approaches and your heart will drive blood through your body at maximum speed.
Between sets you can take a few seconds to rest, it will help your body recover. Nevertheless, do not abuse the rest, because you will not get the desired result.

Total Body Workout
Some trainers recommend combining rope jumping and exercises with your own body. Such a workout puts a strain all muscles and your body changes very fast. Such a workout takes a little time but brings a lot of benefits.
Begin the training sequence of jumping on the two legs, then on left, and then on the right one. Do 20 jumps of each species for three minutes. After jumping, do squats for 1 minute. Now go to the main part.
In the main training, you alternate 3-minute jumps with push-ups, plyo-lunges and tricep dips, and planks for the squats. Training takes less than 30 minutes, but your body will burn with fatigue.

The MMA Workout
According to Chris Reilly, a professional MMA fighter for over ten years, he uses rope jumping in almost every training session. He uses jumping and with athletes whom he coaches. He believes that the jump rope develops the synchronization of movements, hand-eye coordination, and endurance.
He offers an hour-long training with a skipping rope, which will take all your strength. Moreover, when you are ready to give up, he will force you to make some more difficult jumps.
Training consists of alternating jumps for three minutes and shadow boxing for three minutes. Do not jump very high. Tear off your feet from the floor, just on a few centimeters so that the rope can pass under your feet. This height is enough. Watch the position of your body and arms. Stick to the right technique and your workout will bring you many benefits.

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