How to cope with autumn melancholy.


Autumn is approaching with its rainy days and gray skies. Lack of warmth and bright sunshine plunges many into melancholy. You may experience drowsiness during the day, bad mood, fatigue, apathy, frequent nervous breakdowns, increased appetite during these autumn days. All these signs of autumn melancholy can last for several months, so you need to prepare for this season and to spend it cheerful and in a good mood.

Autumn blues have similar symptoms of depression. But as you can know, these are two different conditions, so ways of dealing with them are also different. Depression is a diagnosis that requires medical supervision. Autumn melancholy has unpleasant symptoms, but you can deal with them yourself.

Ways to help you cope with autumn melancholy.

Add bright colors to your life.
One of the main reasons for the autumn depression is the lack of bright colors in nature, as well as the sun and light. You should go for a walk during the day and get your dose of vitamin D. Also try to surround yourself with items of bright colors. Try to use clothes in light colors, put bright decorative items in your home and office.

Balanced food.
Autumn melancholy can provoke an increase in appetite and you start to give preference to fatty and sweet foods. If you want to avoid weight gain and poor health, add meat, fish, whole-grain bread, bananas, brightly colored vegetables, pumpkin to your diet. Add more seasonal vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. Try to eat a balanced diet and remember to eat berries that are high in antioxidants.
Your food should be satisfying and fulfilling. Scientists claim that unpalatable and monotonous food can lead to melancholy and depression.

Physical activity.
Active movement accelerates metabolic processes in the brain and improves blood circulation in the muscles. Scientists have shown that physical activity increases the levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is responsible for your mood. Also, sport helps to forget about your problems for a while, and your nervous system relaxes. Choose the type of physical activity you like best and improve your mood and body shape.

Spend your free time right.
Autumn melancholy can make you forget your friends, and you will only have a desire – to lie under the covers. Nevertheless, psychologists say that in the fall season you need to lead an active lifestyle and meet with friends to talk and drink warm tea. Also, a good option to improve your mood is to watch the series. Choose the genre that you like and enjoy the plot and acting.

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