Ways to reduce anxiety.


Anxiety is an integral part of our emotions. Everyone has their level of problems and troubles that make them experience negative emotions. Anxiety arises every time you encounter problems or obstacles. You may even experience physical discomfort in the body from intense excitement. You probably noticed how your body reacts to an upcoming important event or in public speaking.

You cannot get rid of anxiety once and for all. Also, it sometimes has a positive effect. When your anxiety is associated with positive events, then you can show the best result of your work or activity. For example, anxiety before an important meeting helps your brain work more actively, and you can remember all the important information that you want to use as an argument. Such anxiety has a short-term character and does not have a devastating effect on your mental health.

But, anxiety can also be caused by unpleasant events or situations. If you notice that you constantly think about some situations and experience unpleasant emotions at the same time, then this leads to the tension of the nervous system and health problems. The level of your anxiety affects the quality of your life. People often cannot think of anything other than a disturbing situation. Thus, they cannot fulfill their duties at work in a quality manner, relations with friends and relatives are deteriorating. As a result, your quality of life is declining.

According to scientists, this disease can be controlled and reduce its negative impact on health.

Stress is a major source of anxiety. Our body reacts to various stimuli and prepares for protection. Therefore, anxiety is a natural reaction of your body to an external threat.

Your body can send you signals that you are experiencing negative emotions. If in any situation you experience nausea, muscle tension, inability to think, or rapid heart rate, then these are signals that your nervous system is overstrained. In this situation, you will not be able to influence your reaction, but you can learn to prevent the appearance of such a reaction.

Control your thoughts.
Psychologists say that you must learn to control your thoughts to control anxiety. When you determine what is causing the disturbing thoughts, you can remove the source of these thoughts. If you have a problem that causes you constant concern, then you have two ways out of this situation. First, make a plan to solve the problem if you can influence it. Second, if the solution to the situation is independent of you, then forget about it and live on it. Of course, easier said than done. But, controlling your thoughts will help you live consciously and you will have the energy to solve any problem.

Ask a specialist for help.
Sometimes, the level of anxiety can grow to such a size that you can’t do it yourself. Therefore, you need the help of a specialist who can find the cause of anxiety, and using various psychological techniques will help you step out of your anxious state step by step. The help of a specialist is the safest and most effective way to get rid of anxiety.

Use breathing practices.
Scientists have repeatedly proved that breathing can affect the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Therefore, if you experience anxiety from time to time, then this method is suitable for you. Also, people who are trying to get rid of anxiety with the help of a specialist can use breathing practices as an auxiliary way to improve their condition.

Do not think about the future or the past.
Thoughts about the future or past make you anxious about events that you cannot influence. Therefore, you should stop your thoughts every time you notice that your attention is directed to the future or the past. Return your attention to the moment in which you are now. What do you feel now? Where are you? What smells or sounds surround you? This is a great practice that will help your brain relax. In the first few days it will be difficult for you to do this, but every day you will make it easier.

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