How to reduce anxiety after the pandemic.


Coronavirus gradually begins to recede and many people return to their usual way of life. And it would seem that they should feel joy, but some of them begin to worry about going to work, about how they can improve relations with colleagues after a long pause, whether they can do their job efficiently. These are ordinary emotions for a person who falls into the position of a lifestyle change. Indeed, over the past few months, people have become accustomed to the new regime and now they will again get used to the changes. Our brain perceives any changes, even positive ones, as stress.

Our brain loves calm, and therefore excess emotions cause tension to it. And if you are constantly in a state of increased emotionality, this leads to tension in the entire nervous system. In this case, the brain does not care whether it is positive or negative emotions. Have you noticed that sometimes after large joy you feel tired? Strong emotions deplete the nervous system. Therefore, you need to allow your brain to relax.

By learning how to control the brain, you will see what a huge resource is in your hands.
Start with simple steps to help you control your brain and make it work for you.

The flow of information throughout the day does not allow us to relax. We constantly think and make decisions. Watching the news, social networks take away our attention. Therefore, learn to devote several hours a day to hours of calm and silence. The best way to get away from the information flow is to take a walk outdoors. Let go of your thoughts while walking, let them flow in their rhythm, do not focus on any of them.

A quiet walk in the park will certainly calm your mind well, but if you add physical activity to your daily to-do list, you can overload the brain in the long run. Any workout affects the part of the cerebral cortex that is responsible for the thought process. Adding exercises to your daily routine, you will notice how you become calmer, your sleep improves, and your energy level rises.

Write a letter to yourself.
Psychologists and coaches use such a technique as writing to yourself. You write everything that you feel without thinking. Write without stopping for 15 minutes. Write about what you are worried about. Often while writing a letter, people themselves find a solution to the problems. This is a good practice for those who cannot talk about their feelings and feelings. First, you should do this practice for 7 days, and then you can use it once a week.

Put your life on pause.
This psychological technique helps to calm down and look at the world from another side. It does not take much time and can be used several times a day. Your task is to close your eyes for 5 minutes and focus on your breath. Slow inhalation and exhalation soothe the nervous system, allow your brain to relax, and saturate the body with oxygen.

Dream without limits.
Dreams are a good incentive for action. They transfer us to another reality where we are happy. These few minutes of calm and happiness provoke the production of the hormone of joy. Try to include all your senses during your dreams. Imagine a vivid picture of your future, feel the smell of your dreams, what sounds you hear when you think about the subject of your desire, how your body reacts at that moment. Your dive should be total. You should feel the euphoria from the realization of your desire. Stay in this state for several minutes. Let your brain get used to the new reality.
Then relax and let go of your dream. You must be in a state of bliss and understand that everything will come on time. And continue to live in the moment, value every minute of your life.

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