Mental problems that lead to weight gain.


Overweight is a lot of discomforts and leads to health problems. However, excess weight can appear for various reasons, including psychological ones. A person seeks to provide himself with maximum comfort, but this can affect his body.

In recent years, scientists and doctors have been paying much attention to the study of psychosomatics and its impact on health. Psychosomatics includes the principles of science and methods of psychology. Its main goal is to find out the influence of the psyche on the state of health and methods of regulating the mental influence on health.

Scientists are confident that most human health problems arise from psychological difficulties. Excess weight is no exception and can occur due to mental disorders.

Psychosomatic causes of excess weight.

As a rule, the cause of excess weight is an eating disorder and overeating. But these factors are a consequence of mental disorders such as:

Protection from the outside world. Excess weight is a fence from the outside world and creates a comfortable circle in which a person feels safe. Also, a large body gives confidence that a person can defend himself.

Good mom. Many women gain weight after giving birth and cannot part with it for many years because the child becomes the center of their world, and they do not want to devote time to themselves. Such women consider taking care of themselves a sign of selfishness.

Lack of love. The problem of being overweight can be associated with childhood. When a child does not receive enough attention and love, he/she wants to attract attention to him/herself. Some children think that if they are big, they will receive the much-anticipated attention.

The desire will please a particular man. Despite the propaganda for thinness, some men prefer to have a curvy partner. Therefore, a woman who has self-doubt tries to please a man with the help of excess weight.

Stressful overeating. Many parents teach their children to calm down with candy and sweets. When the baby starts crying, they give him candy to calm him down. This method leads to the formation of confidence that sweetness is a way to calm down.

Low self-esteem. Being overweight is a statement of importance for such a person.

Not the ability to let go of resentment. If a person does not solve them or does not give an outlet for emotions, this often results in body fat.

Physical or psychological abuse. Women who have been physically abused want to be beautiful and attractive so that the terrible situation does not happen again.

Inability to enjoy life. The inability to receive positive emotions from other areas of life makes a person receive positive emotions from food.

Methods for getting rid of psychosomatic causes of excess weight.
Unfortunately, psychosomatics requires the help of a psychologist and your patience. But if you decide to get rid of mental disorders that lead to weight gain, then you will have to go through several stages of treatment.

Steps for getting rid of mental disorders that lead to weight gain:

  • realize the problem,
  • use all available resources,
  • seek help from a psychiatrist, relatives, and friends,
  • learn to reduce stress levels (meditation, yoga, music, dancing, etc.),
  • learn to hear your body’s signals,
  • accept yourself and your body as they are at this moment,
  • learn to understand and express feelings and emotions.

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