Panic attacks and how to get rid of them.


A panic attack is a mental health disorder that has intense mental and somatic symptoms. ⠀

Panic attack symptoms:

  • a feeling of fear, especially the fear of death; ⠀
  • violation of the rhythm of the heartbeat;
  • intense sweating;
  • breathing disorder;
  • the feeling of trembling all over the body;
  • dizziness;
  • dry mouth;
  • desire to go to the toilet.

Psychotherapists claim that a panic attack can last from 5 to 20 minutes. The frequency of occurrence of this condition depends on the severity of the disease. Some patients experience panic attacks once or twice a month, and some may experience them every day.

Panic attacks are not life-threatening, but they cause a lot of discomfort to their owners.

If you or people around you are experiencing panic attacks, you should not ignore this condition. The first and foremost step in getting rid of them is a visit to a psychotherapist.
Only a specialist can select a set of procedures that will help reduce the intensity of attacks and the frequency of their occurrence.
The psychotherapist chooses methods of changing thinking, breathing practices. Also, very often patients need antidepressants, which are prescribed only by a doctor after a diagnosis of your health condition.

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