Orthorexia: What is it?


Orthorexia is a relatively new disease that relates to an eating disorder. People who suffer from orthorexia have an obsessive idea about eating just the right food, and they carefully monitor the composition of the foodstuff. They are obsessed with the princes of proper nutrition, and even a small error in it makes them be in a panic. Although orthorexia is not recognized as a mental illness officially, its symptoms bring a lot of suffering to people who have it. Constant control of each ingredient makes people stay in emotional stress, and this depletes their nervous system. Fear of eating an excess or unhealthy component can lead to depression.

People who suffer from orthorexia do not allow any foods in their diet that contain at least some of the processed foods, trans fat, sugar, or preservatives. They eat only natural organic foods without additional processing. Many of them adhere to the rules of veganism, exclude milk, or eat only raw food. They call this food “clean.” But orthorexia can also affect people who adhere to a healthy diet. Any deviation from the rules plunges them into depression. Fear of foods that are not provided for by the diet causes them mental disorders, and “clean” nutrition becomes their obsession.

The principles of many or the right diets are aimed at improving health. But blindly following the rules and fear of breaking them leads to health problems. As a rule, proper nutrition involves using unhealthy foods in the diet. But their number should be insignificant, and they must be consumed consciously, enjoying every bite. Nutritionists assume that for psychological peace you should eat 90% healthy foods and 10% are foods that you like, but they do not belong to healthy ones.

First of all, orthorexia is harmful to your mental health. Your whole social life is subject to a food and cruel control. People with orthorexia think just about what is right and what is not. Their brain and nervous system do not receive joy, as a result, the hormonal system is ruined. As a result, you get the opposite effect and destroy your health.
Food is only a small part of your life, and it should not control you. If you notice that you have an obsession with just the right organic products, then take self-help measures. Your task in this life is to be happy and have joy.

How to help yourself get out of orthorexia.

  • Recognit that you have a dependence on dietary rules, which have strict limitations.
  • Determine how orthorexia is ruining your life. For example, your social life has changed for the worse, you have stopped communicating with friends, your partner has left you or other consequences.
  • Make a list of the damage you have done to your body using strict food restrictions.
  • Think about how much time you lost in thinking about food, and how your obsession took you out from a full life.
  • Realize that food is not an enemy, it is a friend who helps you to be energetic and healthy. Stop being afraid of food in any form. Learn to enjoy life.

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