The longest plank in the world is more than eight hours.


Do you use the plank in your daily workouts? How long can you stand in this position? The plank is a very effective exercise that affects all the muscles of the body, but many avoid it because of the difficulty of doing it. The technique of performing the plank is not complicated, but it requires endurance. Therefore, if you want to make your workout more effective, you should add this exercise to your plan. Start to stand at the plank for 30 seconds and add time every day and you may be able to break the record of 62 year old George Hood, who held tha plank for eight hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds. His result became a world record, which was recorded in the Guinness World Record.

During this time, you could watch the movie “The Irishman” twice or all parts of “Star Wars”. While he was standing in the plank, he lost 4252 calories.

This is not the first world record that Hood set. In 2011, he stood on the plank for one hour and 20 minutes. But in 2016, this record was broken by a Chinese citizen, who stood at the plank for eight hours, one minute and one second. This record was recorded by a representative of the Guinness World Record and Mao Weidong became the new record holder. Hood could not come to terms with this state of affairs and decided to restore his world record. He trained every day without missing a single workout. He saw the goal, and this gave him strength for 18 months of preparation.

He was spending 4-5 hours on training every day. At the same time, he did not only the plank; also he did exercises to strengthen the muscles of the whole body. He paid special attention to upper body exercises doing 700 push-ups every day. Also, between the sets of the plank, he did squats to strengthen his leg muscles.

Hood’s goal was not only to set a world record; he also wanted to draw attention to the problem of autism and people who have learning difficulties. On this day, several events were held that tried to draw attention to the problem of mental health.

Hood completed his record-breaking plank of 75 push-ups that amazed everyone present. He still had the strength to do push-ups after such a long and exhausting plank. It is surprising. But, it is worth noting that this is not Hood’s longest plank. In 2018, he held the plank for 10 hours, but this was not recorded by representatives of the Guinness World Record, as they were not invited.

After setting the record of the longest standing on the plank, Hood said he would not continue to work in this area, but intends to set a push-ups world record.

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