The right approach to training allows David Boreanaz to be in great shape.


When David Boreanaz agreed to lead the CBS team, he realized that the training hall would be his second home. The leader of the SEAL Team Six cannot be in bad physically fit to lead the team through the most dangerous missions around the world. Therefore, to be a worthy leader, David is required to attend the gym daily. His hero has the strength and fast so the actor must meet them.

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Team commander Jason Hayes, played by David for the past three seasons, undergoes many trials, both physical and emotional. He has to use incredible efforts to overcome all obstacles and keep his team alive and unharmed.
Boreanaz is sure that he was very lucky with the creative team, which includes guys from the special forces. Thanks to their pieces of advice, the actor manages to convey the character of the character and show the real everyday life of the heroes. They help him understand the psychological side of work in special forces, and also give advice on how to physically cope with a particular obstacle.
David notes that communication with guys from the special forces is one of the most attractive moments during the filming process. He is surprised how much these guys understand their work and how they are interested in making everything realistic on the screen.

Boreanaz takes responsibility for his workout, it can be confirmed by his trainer Roy Paras, founder of EPX Training. He helps the actor keep fit throughout the year and motivates him to do hard work. He developed a special program that is designed for the capabilities of the actor and does not harm health.
Boreanaz does not stop doing sports even during filming. The producers provided the film set with a special trailer with sports equipment, in which the whole team can train. David works on his body 6 times a week, and no matter where he is, he follows the program that Paras developed for him.

Each workout starts with warming up the muscles and starting the heart by cardio training. The trainer using sports massage check muscle clamps and remove them so the workout is not traumatic for the actor’s body.
Paras insists that warming up muscles before the main workout is an important process if you want to keep your joints healthy. Skipping the preparatory stage, you risk damaging the joints or ligaments, which will lead to big problems in the future.
Boreanaz has repeatedly experienced what a sports injury is. He admits that he previously did not attach importance to details in sports, which caused damage to his lower back and joints. In the previous season, he had to undergo a course of injections during filming, because his injuries did not allow him to move easily.
Because most members of the SEAL Team is young, David needs to keep himself in shape and not to allow any injuries, so as not to leave the game. It is worth noting that, in addition to the team leader, Boreanaz is also an executive producer and director. Therefore, good health and a strong body are necessary for him to cope with all his duties perfectly.

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During the filming, the actors have to overcome obstacles on their own, such as in one of the scenes where they climb a mountain. As David says, he could make this scene shorter and easier for guys, but he decided to do everything to the fullest and although the actors were exhausted, the scene was simply amazing.

Boreanaz says that he enjoys the process of filming in physical reality, and not in simulated. Running on real streets, knocking out real doors or popping up from a moving car – all this makes the filming interesting and the film realistic.

To give strength to David’s muscles, Paras forces the actor to work in the gym with many repetitions. Having developed a special circuit of exercises, the trainer forces David to go through them several times, and then after a short break, for 2-3 minutes, proceed to the next set of exercises.
As we can see, the trainer scheme works and David is in great shape.

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