Holotropic Breathwork is a way to improve your life.


Modern people are looking for different ways to improve their lives and reduce stress levels. All these paths are nearby, and everyone can use them. One of these tools is breathing practice. There are many types of breathing practices around the world, and they all bring many benefits to your health. You are familiar with the pranayamas that yogis use daily. But besides this pranayama, you can use holotropic breathing. It is a therapeutic breathing practice that aids in emotional healing and personal growth. Scientists have studied the effect of this type of breathing and found that it has a tremendous effect on the functioning of the brain and nervous system. The use of Holotropic Breathwork helps to remove CO2 from your blood, helps to reduce the blood vessels in the brain.

As a result of practice, the cerebral cortex begins to work slower and the subcortex faster. Thus, you turn on the subconscious system and get an amazing result. Note that during your Holotropic Breathwork session, you may feel dizzy or hallucinatory. Feelings of euphoria are common after a breathing session, so you will want to do this practice more often to experience this feeling.

During Holotropic Breathwork practices, you breathe very quickly for a certain amount of time. If you are a beginner, you should not practice for too long, start with a few minutes, and increase the time gradually. Also, you can ask an experienced person who practices Holotropic Breathwork to help you understand the basics of this practice.

Holotropic Breathwork improves many aspects of your life, including increasing energy levels and improving your mental health.

Many Holotropic Breathwork practitioners note that their emotional state is changing, and they look at the world more positively. It does not mean that they turn a blind eye to problems. Not. They can change their attitude to the problem and solve it faster.

Regular practice of Holotropic Breathwork allows you to get to know yourself better, including your true desires. Therefore, people who practice this breathing understand other people and have a higher level of empathy. Also, Holotropic Breathwork helps to improve the condition of people who suffer from:

  • depression,
  • headache,
  • addiction,
  • post-traumatic stress disorder,
  • premenstrual syndrome,
  • menopause.

Also, if you suffer from phobias, regular breathing practice can help you reduce your fear levels.

If you have been physically or mentally abused, you should use Holotropic Breathwork under the supervision of a psychotherapist. During the session, you may experience strong emotions that you cannot control. If you want to get rid of the consequences of psychological trauma, the joint conduct of psychotherapy and breathing practice can improve the result.
If you decide to practice Holotropic Breathwork, you should start with a companion. He will be able to help you in difficult situations. Also, you can practice in a group, it will not reduce the effectiveness of the practice.
Breathing practice should be beneficial for you, so choose a regimen that is comfortable for you.

Holotropic Breathwork Technique
The practice of holotropic breathing is done while lying on a hard surface. The frequency and intensity of breaths lead to increased work of the lungs and an excess of oxygen in the blood. Exhale and inhale through the mouth, while breathing should be chest, deep and frequent. Inhale smoothly and exhale sharply. Typically, a breathing practice session lasts about half an hour. All the while, focus your attention on the breath.

Holotropic Breathwork can change your life. Therefore, if you are not ready for this process, postpone this practice. Also, pay attention to the contraindications and do not practice if in doubt that you will be able to cope with the emotions that arise during the practice. But, if you have made a firm decision to engage in Holotropic Breathwork, be prepared for mental, spiritual, or physical changes.

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